Systematic racism in the USA – is there really? View

In America, give it to systematic racism, to claim all of the traditional media and the left, respectively, liberal politicians in the United States. Also, some

Systematic racism in the USA – is there really? View

In America, give it to systematic racism, to claim all of the traditional media and the left, respectively, liberal politicians in the United States. Also, some conservative voices are the majority of the population agree. But how can you prove this statement, in fact, is barely mentioned.

It is striking: The unpopular US President, Donald Trump (73) is of left-wing politicians and traditional media – to the right – each statement is subjected to a fact check. But when it comes to a topic that fits the most people in the world picture and seemingly good motives behind it, then it is usually without the big Investigation as a "fact" on the plate.

it's No wonder the American media is in a crisis of confidence. Currently, only 41 per cent rely on you. But if the media would examine every issue so carefully, as if it comes from President Trump could win the trust of the population, maybe a little far back.

This column but no media is supposed to be criticism. The issue is much too important for that. It comes to the question of which is otherwise provided only rarely and almost never sufficiently answered: Is there systematic racism in America actually? First of all: The issue is much more complex than politicians of both camps, the media, and Instagram-Influencers knowledge, or it appear.

a transparent way to the answer

I have asked myself in the past two weeks, this question every day. During the Research I have conducted with numerous experts, conversations, and my African-American colleagues listened to. This column is transparent to show the Considerations and ultimately, the way to answer the question.

anyone Who has seen the horrific Video of the murder of George Floyd (†46), and only a small piece of empathy has, must have been shocked. As it was, by Far, not the first of this type, was the first circuit: "a white police officer who killed out of racist reasons, African Americans. America has a racism Problem!" But here one should not remain, at least as a Journalist, a politician or a very knowledgeable person.

America is after the murder of George Floyd in turmoil. Millions of people go to the streets, demanding justice and protesting against the systematic racism in the country. But there are the really? And how would that be provable?

There are numerous articles from reputable media such as the Washington Post, "New York Times" and co., the systematic racism to prove with studies, try. An often-cited statistic is that by 2017, showing that dark-Skinned were killed two and a half Times more police officers than White. But the Problem with such data is that several variables are not taken into account. It would have to be taken into consideration, which ethnic group commits more and especially more serious crimes. Without these data, the statistics gives an incomplete and distorted picture.

It is not so, that you could not find the other variables. In fact, Blacks commit significantly more "serious crimes" as White. According to the FBI report, in 2017, African-Americans were for 53.1 percent of all murders, responsible, 44.2 percent were committed by Whites. In contrast, the proportion of Black in America with 13.4%, that of the White, with 76.5 percent. This is an extreme discrepancy, and may explain, at least in part, why African-Americans are shot and killed at crime scenes more often.

of Course black people are not more severe crimes because of their skin color. They are the life circumstances that lead to this discrepancy between White and Black. It is repeatedly shown that the probability to commit a Crime, if the Person lives in poverty. 20.8 percent of the approximately 38 million Americans who were affected in the year 2018-of-poverty are African-Americans. Only 10.1 percent of the White falls in this category.

Every third Black is going to end up in his life in prison. In the case of the White it meets only every twelfth. Anyone who has served in America, a prison sentence, is disadvantaged in a result demonstrably: in job search, housing, pension and so on.

"The Belief that a ground such as race, colour, language, Religion, nationality or national or ethnic origin, the contempt of a Person or group of persons, or the feeling of Superiority towards a Person or group of people justifies." The European Commission defines racism. Means: a Person or group needs to set down directly, another person, or group. But the term "systematic racism" is, as the Name implies, a System. So a System can be even more racist. As it is, by Definition, always a direct action, respectively, disregard.

The System because it was designed by people to complicate the life. American cities were built with the intention to isolate Blacks in their own, poorer areas. Schools were designed with the intention of Black have make it difficult to visit likely schools in white urban neighborhoods. The criminal law system itself is based on the maintenance of a disproportionate kind of justice that was created by a direct racist ideology. To prove this, you can go up to the year 1865 when the slavery was abolished, but laws that lead to racial segregation, the Integration of Blacks in the capitalist System prevented. Or you can quote John Ehrlichman, the chief adviser of Ex-President Richard Nixon (1969-1974):

"had The Nixon campaign in 1968 and the White house after that, two enemies: the left's war enemies and the Black. What I want to say so understand? We knew that we could not make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by bringing the Public to bring the Hippies with marijuana and Blacks with Heroin. And by criminalizing both heavily, we could destroy these communities. We were able to arrest their leaders, their homes, plunder their meetings to interrupt you every night on the evening news to denigrate. We knew that we were lying about the drugs? Of course we knew it."

today, It is the American System and compared to the past – less of a public Display of racism, the disadvantaged, the Black. But because of this System people designed with racist ideologies, and to this day, did not fundamentally reformed, it remains racist. African-Americans remain caught up in the System. A Vicious Circle. And therefore the answer to the complex question of whether there are in America in the year 2020, systematic racism is clearly: Yes!

What do you think about the topic? If you come to a different conclusion: why? Write us in the comments.

Updated Date: 12 June 2020, 15:49

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