The fear of the corona of the planet of the passenger was released with no restrictions

< A specialflyg, which was chartered by STS Alpresor, gathered together at the weekend, the Swedish traveller, who has been involved in various parts of the Ita

The fear of the corona of the planet of the passenger was released with no restrictions

< A specialflyg, which was chartered by STS Alpresor, gathered together at the weekend, the Swedish traveller, who has been involved in various parts of the Italian Alps, and flew with them to Stockholm, sweden. The plane, which took off from Lyon, France, as said at the time, had stopped flying from the affected regions in Italy, landed in the night on Sunday at the stockholm Arlanda airport, in Stockholm, sweden.

the Express newspaper has been in contact with a traveler who, along with his friends found himself on a plane.

"It was the most surreal flight of my life," the person said.

a Woman lay on a good line and coughed up straight out of the”

On the flight, there were at least five persons who are coughing a lot, which ”seemed to be the general of the sick,” according to the client.

" At one point, lay a woman on her back on a good line, and coughed out into the time, and later she was in the middle of the crowd in the arrivals hall, and proceeded to cough without taking into account the elderly and children, who were in the vicinity. She and many others should never have got to comply with the alternative to become placed away from us and without any symptoms.

another of the party was sitting in the same section of the plane, the woman, and said to hostningarna became more and more frequent and more intense, however, that no such action was taken.

After a couple of hours, she seems to get worse, and down on the seat with her head out toward the aisle, and coughed it up in the air. At this point, do I and my fellow passengers to the front of the plane.

According to the company, had the flight attendants wear gloves and reiterated several times that this was a special flight on the occasion of the Corona.

the flight attendants and the pilot announced through the speakers that all of the catering was set, while out of the water, and that front room was locked on the herd, which was perfectly understandable. The most talked about, even if they were wearing a mask, who never left, " says one of the passengers.

" in Spite of the situation, there were several people around us, and expressed regret at the non-serving at the same time as the hostandet stepped up across the planet.

with No restrictions on when the plane landed,
When the plane landed at Arlanda airport, and got all of the. The coughing woman and the other was walking around in the crowd, and the coughing in the hands, or, specifically, one of the passengers. What it seemed to be, took them all home on it's own, with no restrictions.

" There's a sign at the end of bagagebanden, where there was very little about the virus. Very different than in France and especially in Italy. People should never have been allowed to go on board or received, was to her a face mask, and become a place separated from the apparently healthy passengers, " says one of the passengers.

the People in the traveling party, is not critical at STS Alpresor, or SAS, in and of itself, but, rather, against the authorities, in Sweden – on the basis of what they saw this day – the possible infection to spread further.
A company has now been tested in the Corona of the

and On Tuesday, it was clear that the crowd had become ill and are now awaiting test results on whether it is the Corona.

on The Ernestam is the deputy editor-in-chief of the state-owned company, Swedavia, which, among other things, operates the airport. She said that the lifting of the restrictions as there is on carriers to specific countries, and the fact that it is now, only Iran Air from Iran, which had received its permit to fly to Sweden for the suspension.

" When it comes to the spread of disease, and corona virus, we are, in these days of constant contact with the competent authorities of the smittskyddsområdet as a continuous assessment of the situation. They control what we do and do not do at the airport. We have a great days with a lot of skidcharter in the Alps, in the sportlovsveckorna is well-known for them.

" In several of the great days of travel, the health system is also in place in the arrivals hall, once the flight has landed. Folkhälsomyndigheten to have the signs in place that will tell you what the passengers would think if they traveled to the affected areas.

In a number of international airports in other countries, have the temperature controls of travellers, who are arriving from the smittdrabbade areas have been introduced, but not in Sweden. The reason is that it has not been possible to demonstrate that it is effective.

Statsepidemiologen Anders Tegnell said in an interview with svenska Dagbladet on Saturday that it's easier to be in control of the situation on the population's acting as usual, even in those who have been in the north of Italy.

" the Risk is that if a person who is healthy will need to stay home from work, then do this other stuff instead, and maybe even meet other people who may be difficult to track down.

the Gp has been applied for the STS Alpresor, SAS, and Folkhälsomyndigheten.

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Updated Date: 11 March 2020, 08:00

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