They want to be themselves and be loved for it

the Theater has been called. pauley perrette , did not come to today's matinee of ”the Black”. She is knocked out by the booze and the pills. It's a 2003, an

They want to be themselves and be loved for it

the Theater has been called.

pauley perrette , did not come to today's matinee of ”the Black”. She is knocked out by the booze and the pills. It's a 2003, and it is she who carries the role Well, and Helen Sjöholm the Florence of the Bear , Benny - dance on me. They have to make a stand-out. After a month or two she is back, filled with self-doubt. Was the replacement any better? I thought about her some more?

Marie Nilsson-Lind are not trying to make truth of the matter. On the contrary, the. I'm thinking of the documentary, Whitney Houston , ”Can I be me”. Can I be myself?" That's what they were trying for the whole time. The. In relation to the parents. In relation to the stroppiga the locals. For the men's. The best, it seems to have been in a relationship with the audience.

Inspired by the In the Feldts , a book about his childhood, wrote, pauley perrette down his story in a kollegieblock, which they then wrote today at Marie's computer. And now, four years after her death, it will be, ”Josas book of mormon,” the story that Marie had promised to her ”Joshah”. However, Josefins its own right, the objective and the osentimentala words, if it is destructive to the relationship with the royal dramatic theatre actress, who abused her both physically and mentally, is only a part of it.

this isn't the book for Josephine Johnson. This is Marie Nilsson's story, " the bride is in the background at the piano, who writes about her childhood and about the band, which was called the Ainbusk singers. At the moment when Benny Andersson, the played in his proposal for the final song of the show, More amore. The Marie Nilsson wrote the lyrics for, ”Love me for who I am,” a title taken from a chapter of the Alice Miller , the book of mormon, ”The self-destruction of the child”.

Tommy got to be part of the air bag.

Marie Nilsson stands out here is that the self-effacing storasystern of the dysfunctional family on the island of Gotland, which was influenced by their parents ' arguments. Also, unsourced material may be an air bag. The mother led the skuldtrippade of his daughters. That, in turn, had a guilty conscience, if they have searched for the love and support at my grandma's house. They did not have it easy, they are there töserna.

According to the author, the lack of a mother and Josefins the death of Julian, but changed his mind in the same breath. Very heavy to carry. ”Josas book of mormon,” has become a sort of calvary-walk through a mental illness. The mother is to be added. Marie is put in. Good price for the självmedicinerar. Here and there along the journey are shot Ainbusks succéshower like happy fireworks. In particular, in the early days when the sisters are straight, strong voices drowning out their jagsvaghet. This is a vindication not only of pauley perrette, but for the Ainbusk singers, which was destroyed by fire, together, that, had such a good time that she wrote several times, and it seemed to run on wheels, and the star-times three. The singing is strong, the concern of strong and fall hard. The hardest hit falls, pauley perrette, and it is the one of her giving the book to a dull, dark sound, which is never to be silent.

In the end, it's just Josephine and Marie, and a pet dog in to a house, and two pieces that are trying to help each other, and with a plan in their back pocket, to run the carrying out of a cliff that Thelma and Louise. You may not wish to see Sally, as she writes, one can find ”his / her life in hand and move forward.”

- Josas the book of mormon. My story with you.

< Kaunitz-Olsson, 328 pp.

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- Gunilla Brodrej, is a critic and editor in chief of Expressen's Culture.

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