Sushant Singh Rajput News

Pithani has been Rajput's former flatmate and among those that allegedly found the celebrity's body dangling out of the ceiling fan on June 14 final year.

Sushant Singh Rajput News

Sushant Singh Rajput's flatmate Siddharth Pithani remanded into NCB custody until 1 June
The alleged purpose of Siddharth Pithanj in the drug case, which appeared article Sushant Singh Rajput's departure, came to light through the NCB's evaluation, which resulted in the arrest,'' an official said. Indian comic Bharti Singh was arrested after cannabis was discovered during a raid on her property.
NCB had filed a chargesheet on March 5, which called 33 accursed, for instance, late actor's girlfriend at the time of his departure, Rhea Chakraborty. This chargesheet comprised statements of 200 witnesses, also has been complied after 6 weeks of investigation. The bureau had also recorded announcements of Bollywood celebrities Deepika Padukone, Rahul Preet Singh, also Sara Ali Khan throughout their probe.
The group, that co-host the facts show India's Greatest Dancer, were taken in for questioning. Top Bollywood actors such as Deepika Padukone, Rakulpreet Singh and Shraddha Kapoor have been contested as part of their current investigation. The analysis emerged in the high-profile investigation into the death of this celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput in June and has resulted in multiple raids on characters in the TV and movie world. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) stated 86.5g (3oz) of this drug was discovered at the home she shares with husband, screenwriter Haarsh Limbachiyaa. Pithani's arrest comes just before Rajput's first death anniversary. Bharti Singh: Indian Comic Detained after cannabis Seen in raid Pithani has been Rajput's former flatmate and among those that allegedly found the celebrity's body dangling out of the ceiling fan on June 14 final year. Pithani was contested from the NCB a year in relation to the probe. NCB detained Hemant Shah alias Maharaj out of Goa in relationship with Rajput's departure on May 7. Shah had allegedly supplied drugs to Anuj Keshwani and Regal Mahakaal, two local providers, who were being researched for the celebrity's death Upon leaving her house in Mumbai, Ms Singh told colleagues:"They've called us to get a few questioning, that is all." The PTI news agency quoted an official saying that Ms Singh's name came up during a meeting with a drug pusher.

PTI reported an NCB group, headed by zonal manager Sameer Wankhede, started a hunt for Pithani and tracked him to Hyderabad. Pithani has been brought to Mumbai after his arrest.
"[Ms Singh] and her husband have been arrested for questioning about ownership of narcotics materials," Sameer Wankhede, among the police officers, informed the ANI news agency. Rajput, 34, was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai on 14 June. Police at the time said he'd killed himself.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Friday detained Siddharth Pithani out of Hyderabad in its continuing probe to Bollywood-drugs nexus, in relation with celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput's departure. The raid was part of an investigation into allegations of illegal drug use from the amusement market.
NCB arrests Sushant Singh Rajput's former flatmate Siddharth Pithani out of Hyderabad

Date Of Update: 29 May 2021, 17:59

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