German Gallop Derby: Among Brothers

horse races may seem so mundane: Actually, you are a family thing. This could be seen last weekend at the German Derby even more clearly than usual. At the foot

German Gallop Derby: Among Brothers

horse races may seem so mundane: Actually, you are a family thing. This could be seen last weekend at the German Derby even more clearly than usual. At the foot of the empty grandstand of the race track in Hamburg-Horn on the lead ring, in the Area in front of the scale-building a couple of hundred people tried to make in addition to the Active horse owner and Rennclub – members-the Best of the Corona – restrictions. And everywhere was palpable: Almost everyone knew almost everyone. The nuclear family of German motor racing was about the bratwurst more visible than in normal years, when in the closed VIP area of the carnival of the vanities will be held.

Evi Simeoni

sports editor.

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the horses reign family ties: In the 19 horse comprehensive the starting field of 151. German derbies were on Sunday, for example, the same three brothers. That is to say: half-brothers. In Swoop, Torquator Tasso and Dicaprio competing Clans competed with the offspring. Their common father: eagle's flight, the proud Fox with four white feet, and in 2007 won the Derby, and a spectacular seven-length lead before the Second. The Derby, the race most important German Breeding, you can win a horse only once, it's because only three-year-old admitted. A win there gives him for getting the title of "valuable".

you can Also use horse Apples, it seems, do not fall far from the tree: On the Sunday, won surprisingly In Swoop, three-quarters of a length behind, was Second Torquator Tasso also surprising. Only the Semi-Drilling Dicaprio danced from the series. Although he belonged to the extended circle of favourites, he was only Seventh. Belly landing instead of flight. In Swoop and Torquator Tasso only the brother, but the complete favorites box, with her stand-up is not showed on assets of the boundaries.

In the Swoop, which belongs to the tradition of Gestüt Schlenderhan in Bergheim, near Cologne, is also on the maternal side of noble blood. His mother, Iota has won 2005 in Hamburg, the the price of Diana, also known as the Derby of the mares. Plagued breeders joke like that would inherit the poor properties of horses and more. But In Swoop, you see: it Must not be. He has with his father is not only the Derby victory together. He has, as he has four white feet and a distinctive blaze. Also his Name is an allusion to the father. English: In A Nosedive. The other Jockey Ronan Thomas, however, was at the award ceremony. He fell from his nervous horse. "Nothing happened," he said. Except that he is since Sunday a little bit richer. 390000 euros in prize money went to Schlenderhan, usually, the Jockey receives five percent.

the lion's share of the profit Philip was pleased by Ullmann, the 24-year-old Junior of gestüt Schlenderhan. He is forfeited in its sixth Generation of breeding passion. Together with his mother Corinna, he has given In Swoop the name. And he, in turn, was baptized at the Insistence of his grandmother, Karin von Ullmann in the name of Philip loves horses.

Since its Foundation by Eduard von Oppenheim in 1869, Schlenderhan stud farm in operation. It has already brought enormous Cracks out. In Swoops the success of Sunday's Derby victory number 19 for the Schlenderhaner, the over 100-year-old Mare tribe is unique already was. In 2016, however, the glittering stud has been interrupted history. In the Wake of the turmoil of the now abandoned Bank Sal. Oppenheim was the family stud farm under the control of the Deutsche Bank. In March of last year, it was bought back. The following restructuring was at the end of last year, the in-house training facility to the victims, the horses were distributed to different coach to France and Germany. So In Swoop to Chantilly in the care of the young Frenchman, Francis Henry Graffard, a shooting stars of the scene. Because the horse rode ahead of the Derby with only two races in Lyon, the best, had it on only a few weather on the screen, the ratio was 147:10. For Graffard it was the first Start in the German Derby. Jockey Ronan Thomas. In view of this, one could even say that on Sunday in Hamburg, a visit from France the family peace has been disturbed.

Date Of Update: 13 July 2020, 09:20

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