Golfer Collin Morikawa: precision on length

Sometimes it does not help if one is not a "Bomber" known as the American Golf jargon, the players are called, the hit the Ball extremely far. "Fortunately,

Golfer Collin Morikawa: precision on length

Sometimes it does not help if one is not a "Bomber" known as the American Golf jargon, the players are called, the hit the Ball extremely far. "Fortunately, I hit the Ball 330 Yards (302 meters)," said Collin Morikawa, grinning. "It just 278 Yards (254 meters) at the beginning of the greens, 294 Yards (269 yards) to the hole. My Ball 291 Yards (266 meters) usually goes far, and as I've played this hole. It was just a normal tee with the Driver. I had to do nothing Special,“ added the Californian with Japanese roots.

But with this spectacular blow under extreme pressure on the 16. Hole, a 269-metre-long Par-4 hole on the course, the TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, when his Ball just two feet in front of the hole to rest, managed the 23-year-old young professional, something quite out of the ordinary. As he sank the Ball after that, safe in the hole, he broke with this Eagle from the field and secured his first 25. Appearance on the PGA Tour with a 1.98 million Dollar victory in the 102. PGA Championship.

"This attack was just incredible. He deserved to win. There's nothing you can do other than to draw the hat,“ said the 43-year-old second-placed Englishman Paul Casey, the winner. Only 15 months after Morikawa was changed after a brilliant Amateur career into the professional, won the 1.75 meters wide and 73 kg in weight and a professional in his second participation in one of the four Majors after a brilliant final round of 64 and a total of 267 strokes (13 under Par), two shots ahead of his American compatriot Dustin Johnson (68 and a total of 269 hits) and Casey (66/269) the 70 cm high and 13-pound Wanamaker Trophy.

The fourth place in the American Bryson DeChambeau, Matthew Wolf, and Scottie Scheffler, as well as the Australian Jason Day shared with 270 strokes. The big favorite and defending champion Brooks Koepka, who had gone as Morikawa two shots behind Johnson on the final round, failed in the attempt to win this Major for the third Time in a row. Although the 30-year-old American had boasted on Saturday, with his chances of victory, broke it with 74 strokes and ended up relegated to the split 29. Rank. Only with a statement he was right: Johnson just can't win if he leads a Major after 54 holes. Also at the fifth attempt to bring the Pole Position after three rounds to the finish, failed the 36-year-old Pro from South Carolina. So the US Open winner of 2016 was ranked for the fifth Time in one of the four highlights of the season in second place.

But on this cool day (14 degrees Celsius) on Lake Merced, the misadventure was this long hitters just a side note. On this day it was all about a young man who proved impressively, that length of leads in the Gulf getting to the goal. Morikawa landed in San Francisco with an average tee shot length of 265 meters in the tournament statistics only on the 53. Rank, far behind the Americans, Cameron Champ (294 meters) and DeChambeau (291), with 340 meters, the longest Drive of the four days succeeded. But the length disadvantage Morikawa made possible with its precision at the tee and especially with the iron blows to the Green.

now he is apart of Tiger Woods, has been plagued on Friday and Saturday, Putting problems and only 37. Place, thanks to its distance control and precision than the best "iron player", as the Best with the iron. But not the only reason why Morikawa and his Textbook is the measured momentum to the long-term Primus. "I'm in great company. It's crazy. Since the Start of my professional career, I'm going to be compared again and again with Tiger. But Tiger is on a completely different level. I think we all know that,“ said Morikawa modest, although he seems to be on the best path, its steep upward trend in the style of Woods to continue.

Date Of Update: 10 August 2020, 11:19

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