Werder and coach Kohfeldt: Dangerous game on time

The last big cup game with Bremen participation looks today like from a distant past. The roar in the full Weser stadium, the romp and bustle on the grass, the

Werder and coach Kohfeldt: Dangerous game on time

The last big cup game with Bremen participation looks today like from a distant past. The roar in the full Weser stadium, the romp and bustle on the grass, the interaction of pitch and ranks: has it really only been a good year? Werder Bremen did not fare much better in terms of sport than it does today, but financially it did, because the pandemic was a Chinese affair – far away. How unleashed the team of coach Florian Kohfeldt Borussia Dortmund defeated in this round of 16 on 4 February 2020 with 3: 2 goals. From the victory should follow the thrust reversal towards secured midfield of the Bundesliga. Nothing came of it. The pandemic started, left its mark everywhere and also in Bremen. Without the electrifying energy of the audience in the Weserstadion, Werder ended up in relegation. < / p> DFB-Pokal Liveticker < p class="atc-TextParagraph"> The northern rivals from Hamburg and Wolfsburg have already learned that a season on the verge of relegation can result in a next and next one. With different output. The people of Bremen also have this experience now. A crisis that, like in May and June 2020, shakes the whole club. Again, Supervisory Board Marco Bode and head of sports Frank Baumann remained steadfast and did not replace the coach.

Longest hanging part in history < / h3>

But at what price? The time after the 1:3 at 1. FC Union Berlin on Saturday until the decision pro Kohfeldt on Monday evening will go down as the longest hanging game in the history of the Bundesliga. The result of hours of discussions as one of the most unsatisfactory: Florian Kohfeldt, 38, gets the DFB-POKAL semi-final match against RB Leipzig this Friday (8.30 pm in the F. A. Z. live ticker to the DFB-Pokal and in the ARD) to show that he is still the right one. < / p>

What this means remained in the approximate: is he dismissed after a 0: 4? Can he continue after a victory in a penalty shootout? Or even with an honorable defeat? In any case, Werder leads his trainer through the ring, which leaves a bad impression. Kohfeldt himself is behaving like at the end of the 2019/20 season. He refers to his stay at the club undaunted; in the summer it will be 20 years. If someone believes that he is no longer the right person, he will accept it. The Werder leadership, on the other hand, seemed faint-hearted, as if waiting for Kohfeldt's resignation in order not to have to decide anything for themselves. The coach did not do them the favor. There were many reasons to dismiss Kohfeldt after seven defeats in seven games. And there is also enough reason to end the cooperation with Baumann. He stands for this unimaginative squad; together with Kohfeldt for a green-white football that invites no more flights of thought. Now both continue – first of all.

Not at all Werder-like < / h3>

But the problem is only postponed. A dangerous game on time. Sandwiched between financial difficulties and a lack of perspective, Werder has to align himself for the coming season. Already a year ago it seemed daring to continue with Kohfeldt – after the relegation he himself had asked for time to consider whether it would continue with him and Werder. This seems impossible for the 2021/22 season. Kohfeldt's position is too weakened. In fact, Werder needs a fresh impetus on the bench. And perhaps also in the sports management. The game with the fire starts immediately. < / p>

Because if Kohfeldt undermines the not formulated expectations against Leipzig, a coaching dismissal would have to follow and a new coach for the game of the 32nd round against Bayer 04 Leverkusen on May 8 will be found. Of course, the idea is obvious that the SVW has long since thrown out the fishing rod, but wants to spare the new one a cup bust to debut. This interaction with the esteemed Florian Kohfeldt would not be at all Werder-like. For an immediate change of coach, Kohfeldt's successor would have been given more time to get to know each other and prepare for the Leverkusen game.

Date Of Update: 01 May 2021, 05:19

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