AAA keeps his winning streak!

Abdul Rehman AlSheikh wins the 3rd round of SSB Racing at Austin in typical dominant style!

AAA keeps his winning streak!

After having a bad 2017 season, the double world champion Abdul Rehman AlSheikh starts the 2018 season in full swing. Winning the first two races in Australia and Argentina, AlSheikh secured his 3rd win at Austin in America. 

AAA was locked in front row battle with Honda rider Luca and Ducati rider Abello. The Honda and Ducati riders’ time in front proved short-lived, as AAA got by at Turn 2 on the second lap of the long 18 laps race. 

Luca was able to stick close enough to AAA to have a go at the Yamaha rider at Turn 6 on lap 4, but he could not outbreak AlSheikh in the braking zone, as AAA is very well known for his late braking style and he’s one demon on the brakes so it makes it very difficult to match his braking limit.

AAA proved unstoppable from that point on, opening clear one second advantage by the end of the fifth lap and started increasing the gap lap by lap. 

His lead peaked at around five seconds, and he managed to keep the gap to take his third win of the 2018 season for the first race held in Austin, Texas on the American soil. 

With 75 points under his name, AAA is the 2018 leading world champion, he was seen dominant throughout the weekend since free practice 1 on Friday afternoon. The 25-year-old Yamaha rider feels very confident with his motorcycle this season. With still 15 more races to go to end up the championship it’s still very early to decide who will be victorious this season, but the way AlSheikh has opened up this season it surely looks like the wolf is hungry for his 3rd world title this year.

AAA's team-mate Stefano managed to end up the race in forth position. With one Yamaha rider winning the race and other rider finishing in fourth position it surely looks like Yamaha are very competitive this season compared to their 2017 performance.

While it was a happy ending for Yamaha, there were frowns in the Honda garage, and tears in Aprilia, as both the Aprilia riders had to retire in the early part of the race due to technical problems.

Suzuki rider Smith and KTM rider Josh both crashed out at lap 8 and lap 15 respectively, while the local man from California Scott was forced to retire at lap 7 due his health conditions.

With three races done and dusted, Yamaha rider Abdul Rehman is the current championship leader with straight 75 points under his name followed by the current world champion the Honda rider Luca with 56 points under his name.

Date Of Update: 30 April 2018, 14:38

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