Analysis: Antonio Brown's mental state is not a joke

Antonio Brown tossed his jersey and shoulder pads towards the bench and ran off the field naked-chested waving a peace-out sign at fans. Tom Brady was huddled with the offense while Antonio Brown ran off the field, waving a peace-out signal to them.

Analysis: Antonio Brown's mental state is not a joke

Brown has been expelled from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following his bizarre outburst on Sunday. One can only hope that he finds peace.

Brown's strange behavior quickly became a hot topic on social media. It was the day Brady made another remarkable comeback and many teams secured playoff berths.

Brown's mental illness is not something to be dismissed as a joke.

It's easy for people to heap on the four-time All-Pro wide receiver after he was suspended three times for misrepresenting his vaccination status.

Brown needs to be helped. Brown's on-field, in game meltdown was the latest in a long line of absurd and big-playing incidents.

Brown was not welcomed in Pittsburgh and was immediately released by the Raiders. He only lasted one game with Patriots. After serving an eight-game suspension, Brown was allowed to return to the NFL with Brady. He also played for the Buccaneers in 2018. Brown won a Super Bowl ring. Brady could not save his buddy's roster spot following this latest incident.

After throwing a touchdown pass of 33 yards to Cyril Grayson, Brady stated that it was a difficult situation. With 15 seconds left, he led Tampa (12-4) to a win over the New York Jets (4-12). Everyone should do their best to help him. He is loved by all of us. We are deeply concerned about him. We want him to be his best. It won't happen with our team, unfortunately. ... "I believe everyone should be compassionate and empathic towards the very difficult situations that are occurring."

Bruce Arians, Buccaneers coach, canceled the one-strike policy that he had originally given Brown and brought Brown back following his latest suspension. Arians was able to remove Brown this time because he made it so easy.

Arians stated, "He is not a Buc anymore." "All right? This is the end of the story. Let's now talk about the men who won the game.

Brown's NFL career is likely to end. It is hard to imagine that another team would offer Brown an opportunity, and take all of the drama.

Brown should still be able to take advantage of the various mental health services offered by the NFL to players and team personnel. If anyone asks, the league and players' union can provide plenty of resources for those who need them.

Although Brown is to be criticized for his actions during the game, the Buccaneers faced a third-and-7 situation and were trailing 24-10 at the end of the third quarter. Brown walked out. The seven-time Pro Bowl selection needs the support of his friends and family.

Le'Veon Bell said that he sent him a message immediately after he played his second game for the Buccaneers. He texted me back, and I spoke to him. He is still a close friend of mine. I won't talk about AB in any way. Although I can understand that things do happen, he is one of my closest friends and a teammate. He's a great person overall. He can make mistakes sometimes, but he is human and cannot be trusted. We will continue moving forward without him.

Bell and others are sad that things turned out this way.

He said, "It's difficult." "Obviously, when he came over, I was happy to be with him. It was only two games, but I still wish him the best. I will still be able to spend time with him and talk to him daily. I will also continue to make plays for this team.

Brown will finish his career with 928 receptions and 12,291 yards receiving. He also has 83 TD catches. Brown's stats are impressive, but voters will be hard-pressed to overlook his character issues.

Brown has other important matters to attend to for now.

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