Away From the US? Here are 5 Places You Can Still Watch the Super Bowl

The 2018 edition of The Super Bowl begins on the 4th of February.

Away From the US? Here are 5 Places You Can Still Watch the Super Bowl
The 2018 edition of The Super Bowl begins on the 4th of February. Unlike those in the US, those outside the US are at a significant disadvantage because they won’t have direct access to the event. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it impossible to watch the Super Bowl online for free. Here are five places you can still watch Super Bowl live while away from the US:


BBC is the easiest way to watch Super Bowl if you are in the United Kingdom. BBC will air comprehensive coverage of the game live across all its platforms. With this option, you have the freedom to watch the matches via TV or online through the BBC Sports App, BBC iPlayer or the BBC website. All these options are available for free in the UK.

Seven Network

If you are in Australia, then you are in luck because Seven Network will stream the game live across its channels.  The site doesn’t require you to sign up for the service. Also, ESP which is the home of NFL in Australia will air the Super Bowl every Thursday, Sunday and Saturday night.


This option is geographically restricted to Canada. Luckily CTV agreed to broadcast its TV feed to its online audience. Viewers here can stream the Super Bowl from the CTV website. Alternatively, one can use the CTV Go app on their mobile devices. For those who prefer TV, the game will be available on CTV, CTV Two and TSN. There will be acouple of Canadian Commercials though even while online streaming which may help you get a product or two if you are just visiting, right?


DAZN is available for people in Canada, Austria, Japan, Switzerland,and Germany. The service is accessible via various game consoles, Smart TVs and mobile devices allowing Super Bowl lovers to watch the game even on the go. DAZN is a subscription service which is also part of the NFL game pass. You can subscribe at $20 a month or $150 for the first year. Ifyou happen to be in any of the countries where it is available for only a limited period, then check out the free subscription service.


Fox is one of theauthorized broadcasters of the Super Bowl in America. However, if outside the United States, you can still stream the match using any reliable VPN to bypass the IP restrictions barring IP addresses from other regions and appear as though you are within American.With a reliable VPN, you can access the Fox Sports Go website from whichever location in the world. You can also stream the game via their mobile app or their website.

The Bottom Line

For people in places without direct access to the Super Bowl, using VPN would be the best option. The VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access content from other countries with an official broadcaster of the event. More importantly, the VPN guarantees secure browsing and anonymity online.

Date Of Update: 16 January 2018, 20:24

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