France 1-0 Germany: First reactions and observations

Has Joachim Low eventually fixed all of Germany's problems? Apparently not.

France 1-0 Germany: First reactions and observations

Initial observations and reactions
Germany did not deserve to lose. They performed well, particularly in the second half. Germany had a few great chances but failed to capitalize.
Although Mats Hummels scored a personal goal, he played a fantastic match. He also made a crucial tackle on Mbappe at the previous quarter of the game.
France played very well. Their defense was nicely organized and refused Germany's efforts.
Joachim Low must alter the creation, the midfield was overly narrow tonight and they could not restrain the game efficiently.

86' -- VAR measures in, Benzema's aim is ruled out

85' -- Karim Benzema scores also makes it 2:0

52' -- Adrien Rabiot strikes this article!

Halftime observations and evaluation

France was dangerous and'd better opportunities, but all in all, did not deserve the direct. Germany was quite organized from the defense and was unfortunate that Hummels scored an own aim. France controlled the midfield, as Toni Kross and Ilkay Gundogan find small room to extend the necessary passes for their own teammates.
Likely a participant like Leon Goretzka are a much better match inside this game, but sadly, he is hurt.
Germany would profit if it had a three-player midfield.

17' -- France had a few great opportunities and are somewhat more harmful than Germany

We are underway in Munich

One hour before kickoff: Lineups are outside!

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