Road woes dragging to Diamondbacks and Orioles

The irony is that neither Arizona nor Baltimore gets the worst road record in its own league.

Road woes dragging to Diamondbacks and Orioles

That is of little consolation at the moment.

The Diamondbacks have fell 23 directly off matches, setting a significant league record. The Orioles are not far behind with that their 19-game slide. Both stripes are still busy, so there is no telling just how much longer this can proceed. Baltimore has a house show with Houston before departing a 10-game road excursion. Arizona's next street series begins Friday against a gifted San Diego team.

The Orioles really had a success on the street early in the summer season, therefore their 11-25 markers away from home isn't at bad as Texas' 10-27 record. And in terms of winning percentage, the Diamondbacks (9-31) do not have the worst street mark in their division. This belongs to Colorado, and it will be a woeful 5-27.

However, the focus at this time is on Arizona, that travelled of May and over half of June with no road win. The Diamondbacks almost got one Tuesday night in San Francisco, if they took a 7-0 lead in the next inning. The Giants, however, chipped away, and they finally won 9-8 after Mike Yastrzemski hit a grand slam in the eighth.

This was street loss No. 21 in a row. The significant league record was 22, from the 1963 New York Mets and the 1943 Philadelphia Athletics. Today Arizona has surpassed that total too.

At the very least Orioles have won any home games lately. The Diamondbacks will also be on a 17-game losing streak in general.


The previous time that the Orioles won a road game was May 5 in Seattle. The previous time that the Diamondbacks did was April 25 in Atlanta. What do these two games have in common?

Kyle Schwarber hit three home runs in Washington's 5-2 success within the New York Mets on Sunday. The Nationals are back over three matches of .500 after winning eight of the past 10.


The Orioles were back home by Saturday, but their fortunes were not much better if they hosted Toronto. They headed 7-4 with 2 outs in the top of the ninth before Marcus Semien attracted a bases-loaded walk and Bo Bichette struck on a two-run only to tie it. The Blue Jays were not done. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. included a two-run dual and Randal Grichuk attracted Guerrero house with a double to cover a six-run inning.

Baltimore's win odds had lurks at the bottom of the eighth at 98.4%, based on Statcast. The Orioles had men on first and second with nobody out but did not score, and they ended up dropping 10-7 following Toronto's big rally.


Cleveland trailed Pittsburgh 11-1 before scoring six runs in the seventh and three in the eighth. The Indians really had men on first and second with one out in the ninth -- their win probability was back around 27.5percent in the point -- but Richard Rodríguez retired the last two batters to conserve an 11-10 win for the Pirates.


The New York Yankees have pulled a record-tying three-dimensional plays this year, and among these came in a period of four times. The latest one helped nearer Aroldis Chapman from a ninth-inning jam against Oakland on Sunday. Chapman walked two batters until Sean Murphy hit a grounder to third, and the Yankees whipped the ball round the horn to get a 5-4-3 triple play, wrap their 2-1 win.

On Thursday against Toronto, New York made the initial 1-3-6-2-5-6 triple play in major league history.


Both Baltimore and Arizona held that the resistance hitless in their latest road victories. John Means threw that a no-hitter for the Orioles in a 6-0 win over Seattle, and Madison Bumgarner held the Braves with no hit at Arizona's 7-0 victory in a seven-inning match.

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