A MacBook Air lighter and more compact and the iPad Pro more attractive that has built Apple in 8 years

Apple removed the front button on the iPad Pro So was the Apple event The buzz around the event yesterday in New York was high, and not so much for the ru

A MacBook Air lighter and more compact and the iPad Pro more attractive that has built Apple in 8 years

Apple removed the front button on the iPad Pro

So was the Apple event

The buzz around the event yesterday in New York was high, and not so much for the rumors about a new iPad Pro, that take months going through the network, as the possibility that Apple will use it to resurrect some of the products that were languishing in your web.

So it was. In just an hour and a half (action of Lana del Rey included), Apple put an order on your catalog, now much better structured in the ranges of consumer and professional rescuing both the MacBook Air, your laptop, and more sold, as the Mac Mini, a computer that was loaded with four years of oblivion.

he did, in addition, the way that you like to Wall Street, with configurations designed with precision to maximize the average selling price but at the same time, with sufficient arguments to encourage consumers to make the jump to new models.

The new Macbook Air

The MacBook Air I had until yesterday a problem. It was the only computer in the catalog with a screen that could not be classified as Retina, and a design that had been outdated.

The new MacBook Air, on sale from next week, resolves the way you expect. Grows in resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels), reduces mark and updated its design to make it more similar to the MacBook Pro lineup.

The screen is really good, with good level of brightness and the density used in the other MacBook, but perhaps the most interesting thing is that thanks to it, Apple has made the team as a whole is more lightweight and compact. The dynamic range does not reach the of models Pro (P3), but for the majority of users will not be a problem.

The fact that there is no update of the Macbook or the MacBook pro 13-inch without TouchBar seems to indicate that this team is called to become the successor of both, and it makes sense. For price and performance, fits in between both.

it's Not going to be a powerful team, under the processor selected, nor so light as the little Macbook but it is what you would expect from this concrete family of product.

The most interesting part, perhaps, is that Apple has not been limited to a single USB port-C as in the MacBook, but that has since 2 Thunderbolt ports (which use the same connector), and to be grateful for.

The keyboard is possibly what further questions will generate among potential users. It is the same keyboard mechanism butterfly that use the MacBook Pro and that has had several problems in its first two generations when a small particle is snuck into the mechanism. Theoretically, this third generation improves the reliability, but after two generations of problems, there is a certain restlessness.

The new iPad Pro

With a difference has been the protagonist of the event and is not for less. The new design without just frames you feel good and the result is the iPad more attractive that has built Apple in the last 8 years.

On the one hand, the model of 11 inches, is very light and manageable. The 12.9 is more heavy but the new dimensions make it also more comfortable than its predecessor. These are the first iPad that changed the aspect ratio from 4:3 to something more like 3:2, which is a change, the truth, very good.

FaceID works best on the iPhone, if only for the possibility to use it in any orientation and the tablet has now also much better sound.

In terms of power, this iPad seems to have more than enough. The new processor A12X is likely to surpass in graphics performance and raw power of calculation to the vast majority of laptops this year. Only in graphics this iPad is twice as powerful than the previous generation. Of course, it depends on the developers making the game.

The new pencil is comfortable in the hand and just as accurate, at least in the first printing than the previous one (which, by the way, is not compatible with the new tablet). The touch-enabled surface that allows you to change the drawing tool used with only two light-touch and the new feature of wireless charging by attaching the stylus magnetically to the iPad make, however, that it is an accessory much more practical to work with.

The same can be said of the new keyboard folio case, even if you are missing that the keyboard is backlit.

The new iPad has USB-C, which means that you can connect directly to digital cameras or external displays and can even charge the iPhone or other devices that connect directly to it. Gone the headphone port conventional although it is possible to find on the market adapters USB-C headphone port (with USB connection-additional C to allow the load) at a good price.

A detail that will bother some users is that the camera now is more protruding and that it makes the iPad a little dance when it is supported on a surface without a cover.

For the rest, this iPad is an excellent base on which to build the future of productivity on iOS. But it is only half the story. The next version of the operating system (which will be submitted probably in the next month of June) are likely to complete the vision of Apple for this product.

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Date Of Update: 31 October 2018, 19:00

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