Sunrise and Salt with Swiss Open fibre: Fall now the prices? View

Only a third of Swiss households today has a connection to the fibre network and thus have access to really fast Internet. A new Alliance of Sunrise and the Sal

Sunrise and Salt with Swiss Open fibre: Fall now the prices? View

Only a third of Swiss households today has a connection to the fibre network and thus have access to really fast Internet. A new Alliance of Sunrise and the Salt wants to change that.

The two opponents, the number 2 and 4 in the Swiss telecoms market, to work together. With the new company called Swiss Open Fiber you want to give the industry leader, Swisscom and the prices of the sky to get.

the Plan of The Sunrise-Salt-Connection: 1.5 million additional households will be connected in the next five to seven years to the fibre-optic network – a doubling compared to today. For this, the two Telecom companies are deep in the pockets.

3 billion francs in the Expansion

Pascal Grieder (42), CEO of the Salt, confirmed at the presentation of the new cooperation: "We will invest three billion Swiss francs in the Expansion, so that Switzerland can compete in Europe, the glass fiber is in the front."

in the boat not Unknown: Marc Furrer (68). The former President of the Federal communications Commission (Comcom) is the new Chairman of the Board of Swiss Open Fiber. Furrer: "It takes a competitor to Swisscom, otherwise there is a de-facto monopoly in fibre-optic network."

Spicy: Furrer made Comcom-President for the merger of the mobile networks of Sunrise, and Salt heavily. Now this Furrer, President of the new common glass fiber company is.

Furrer promises access for all

so Far, the Swisscom, the driver of the infrastructure Development – together with some of the city's plants and electricity companies. Now, a third big Player is coming. And the stresses in the open. "Other providers as Sunrise and the Salt obtained about Swiss Open fiber access to households – and at a fair price," promises expert Marc Furrer.

With Swiss Fibre Net, the merger of the energy provider, there is already a cooperation.

Even the competition

And also a direct competitor of the Sunrise and Salt in the Internet is happy the business is happy. Internet provider Init7 about says: "the Open market instead of protection from the à la Swisscom." The provider is to understand that you can't be for financial reasons, at the Start at Swiss Open Fiber – but in the future the offers on the platform is intended to offer.

Even Swisscom yourself, it shows "open" for talks with the Sunrise-the Salt company. "We have recently been aware of the plans, and examine how, in the past, opportunities for cooperation," says a spokesman.

it should be Actually offer over the fiber infrastructure of the Swiss Open Fiber is not only the main tenant of Salt, and Sunrise Internet products, but the network should also be the same for all the other providers open.

lower prices, not all households

"consumers should benefit from lower prices," promises the President of the Board of Swiss Open Fiber. The VIEW requested by Telekom experts are skeptical. "The Expansion of the infrastructure costs a lot of money. Only because of the cooperation, prices will not fall now," said Ralf Beyeler from the money of the country.

And Jean-Claude Frick of Comparis adds: "The already-available glass fiber offers are very attractive and in some cases, rights price crusher." And there's also the big advantage for the consumer lies. "Where there is currently no glass fiber supply, the prices for quick Internet higher," says Frick. Say: Who gets a new glass fiber can look forward to in the form of lower subscription prices.

especially in the urban areas, many households are likely to come faster to a fibre-optic connection, because the new provider wants to push the Expansion forward. "If Swisscom and the cable network operators like UPC on the last mile to competition, could drop the prices," says Frick. And also Ralf Beyeler stresses: "If the customers now have a real choice from the Offerings of many providers, this is a big advantage."

Sunrise-CEO sued only Swisscom

but this will not happen: that at a place two glass fiber provider connecting in parallel with the houses. The new provider seems to be focused at least initially on the regions of the glass fiber are as yet free.

The new company was founded by two telecommunications companies, and for the time being, financed. It should, however, encounter a major financial partner to. "The goal is that the Sunrise and Salt have only a minority stake," said Sunrise CEO André Krause (50).

the Latter was the last week for headlines. Only a few months, at Sunrise, as the Chef worked, he sued the Swisscom because of market abuse, in an old case, to 350 million Swiss francs (VIEW reported).

Updated Date: 12 June 2020, 16:48

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