Best 5 SUV Cars to be Launched in 2019

If you are planning to buy a new car, it is worth to wait because this year is going to bring revolution of the best cars on the road.

Best 5 SUV Cars to be Launched in 2019
If you are planning to buy a new car, it is worth to wait because this year is going to bring revolution of the best cars on the road. The biggest trend of this year will be arrival of electric cars, and the popular manufacturers have already planned on launching battery-powered vehicles. But, it is also confirmed that we are going to get new SUVs from Audi, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover. So, whether you are waiting for a brand new model or an advanced version of the old model, check out this list of SUV cars that are worth waiting for in 2019.

#1 Nissan Juke

Nissan this year is refreshing its Juke model, aiming to add more space, comfort and technology to compete with its rivals. While Juke will adopt mechanical parts from its latest Micra, its interior will feature touchscreen dashboard, a classic design and powerful engines. Although it’s almost a decade old model, Juke 2019 continues to be a hit for Nissan. For buying auto parts of any Nissan model at affordable prices, simply pick vouchers from and save huge on batteries, engine oil, brake parts and more.

#2 BMW X7

A tough competitor of Rang Rover, BMW is coming up with its latest flagship model X7 SUV in April 2019. BMW X7 will be a seven-seat car, offering adequate space for people to sit comfortably and equipped with the technology adopted from Rolls-Royce Cullinan. With two-screen dashboard, ambient lighting strips, ten-speaker audio system and new metal & wood trims as well as brand new voice command system, BMW is just made to give an edge to its rivals, such as Mercedes and Range Rover.

#3 Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover’s second generation SUV is back with the same shape, but with a whole new platform, an excellent look and smoother lines resembling the bigger Range Rover Velar. Evoque has over 80% of new components, including cameras in the door mirrors and grille to show the land beneath the bonnet and a mild-hybrid technology to provide more eco-friendly driving. Range Rover also mentioned that this four-wheel-drive car will be more capable of driving off-road than before.

#4 Audi Q4

In 2019, Audi will continue to bring Q series cars with the addition of Q4 SUV against BMW X2. Q4 will be a hybrid of the SUV and coupe, a combination that is likely to be popular soon as SUV owners are already looking for some new design and style that replaces the typical SUV body. This car is expected to be introduced in late 2019, integrated with mechanical running gear from Q3.

#5 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender is back after its original model went out of production. It is expected to see full family of Land Rover Defenders from this year onwards. The Defender family is likely to include various wheelbases with even better off-road performances. It is also rumoured that the family will resemble to Range Rover models.

So, which car fancy you the most? Or, you have your eyes on other models? Comment down below and let us know your choices.

Date Of Update: 08 February 2019, 07:43

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