Online Gambling in South Africa - Is it Legal?

Lots of people in South Africa are wondering if online gambling in the country is legal

Online Gambling in South Africa - Is it Legal?

Lots of people in South Africa are wondering if online gambling in the country is legal. Because of this, we have prepared an educational article to inform you how you can bet freely in this beautiful nation, where you can reach lots of reputable online casino sites and sportsbooks.

History of Gambling

Gambling in South Africa has been restricted since 1673 as this was the year when the first gambling act was signed. Another gambling act was introduced in 1965, banning all gambling activities. Later, in the 1970s, land-based casinos were allowed to operate but only in a few provinces. The actual gambling acts were introduced in 1996 and 2008, respectively. They are allowing almost all forms of gambling, including gambling online in South Africa.

Is Online Gambling Legal in South Africa?

According to the latest laws in the country, shared by the National Gambling Board of South Africa (NGB), online gambling in the country is completely legal but only when it comes to sports betting. Of course, many land-based casinos are operating under licenses provided by the different gambling commissions but they do not have the right to operate online.

There are nine different provinces and each of them is having its own gambling laws and commission. In order to operate online, every sportsbook operator must obtain a license in each of the nine states, otherwise, you will not have a chance to bet in another bookie, regulated elsewhere.

Gambling Commissions and Regulators

As we have already mentioned, there are nine different gambling board commissions and regulators. Below you can check some of the most popular that are operating on the territory of South Africa:

● Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB)

● Eastern Cape Gambling Board

● Northern Cape Gambling Board

● Kwazulu Natal Gambling Board

Types of Online Gambling in South Africa

In South Africa, there are many ways of how you can gamble online. The most popular are the casinos that are operating under slots licenses but the sportsbooks are also a lot. Betting on sports events is something very popular, especially among young customers. Also, there are many other types of gambling in the country as below you can see the full list of activities you may find online:

Online Slots (Casino)

● Sports Betting

● Online Poker

● Lottery

● Daily Fantasy

● Bingo

● Keno

Online Gambling Sites

In South Africa, you can reach many online gambling sites. The most popular are recognized worldwide - Mansion, Sportingbet, Betway, etc. They are offering legally online services for casino and sportsbook enthusiasts. Lottery, bingo, and keno are also licensed on gambling sites and you can play them freely. All of the brands, fully regulated in the country, are providing large bonus offers and promotions, satisfying thousands of players.

Updated Date: 07 May 2021, 14:09

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