Serverspace Operates Beyond Borders

Serverspace Operates Beyond Borders

Are you seeking out the fastest yet secure cloud computing? If yes, Serverspace ( ) is the right deal for you. Long gone are the days when people used to store data in hard drivers. Nowadays cloud computing services are the new norm that includes not only storage but also databases, servers, networking, and pre-built software.

What does Serverspace offer?

Serverspace deals in providing the best Cloud IT Infrastructure that enables its users to enjoy many features like:

  • Configuration of virtual servers
  • Deployment of virtual servers
  • Storage
  • Configuration of network circuits
  • Ordering SSL certificates
  • Ordering administer domain zones
  • Monitoring system

By ensuring breakthrough performance and broad geopositioning, Serverspace is definitely becoming the first choice of target customers in the market due to its low Maintainance and high output. It provides you with innovative solutions in just a few clicks.

Serverspace Operates Beyond Borders

When the world has already become a ‘Global Village’, no one should lag. Do you need global coverage? Serverspace has got your back through its services without borders. It has not only worked in the USA, Russia but also successfully established itself in different countries of Europe.

How it is different from other cloud server providers?

Fair Payment – The user gets to pay only for what you use. Serverspace charges by used minutes. No extra charges are deducted. Besides, there is no need to link the credit card to its system. Payment can be done via PayPal as well. Moreover, the pricing quotes are super affordable without any compromise on the speed and security of cloud computing services.

Moreover, the clients get to choose between flexible and fixed packages depending on whatever suits their needs.

Easy to Use – Serverspace enables users to change the configurations without any hassle and that too after deployment. Quite interestingly it can be done within a few seconds. It has made it super easy for customers to choose processor cores, RAM size, storage, and bandwidth even if the client has created the server.

Technology - Open Source Technologies boost the performance of its advanced vStack Platform. It also deals in OS FreeBSD, Bhyve hypervisor, and ZFS file system. The company is also introducing its 'Virtual Private Cloud' where the user can store its data in a separate private network, thus making it more secure and safe. Quite interestingly, Serverspace also offers a two-factor authorization providing an extra layer of security to its systems.

Customer Service – From configuration recommendations to legal assistance and service guidance, the team of Serverspace is trained to serve its clients at its best.

Helping through IT – Serverspace has been providing free of cost cloud comput6 services to the students of technical universities in order to help them continue their learning process. Students can opt for whatever services are available and configure for the required virtual machine.

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