There's a lot in it: Apple distributes update to iOS 16.3

iPhone owners can now install the update to iOS 16.

There's a lot in it: Apple distributes update to iOS 16.3

iPhone owners can now install the update to iOS 16.3. Among other things, the update brings extended data protection, bug fixes and support for the new HomePod.

After thorough preparation, Apple releases the firmware update to iOS 16.3. The update focuses on privacy and security, and the new software fixes bugs and is essential for new HomePod buyers.

The most important innovation for users is the extended data protection for iCloud. That means Apple is adding nine more data categories to the existing 14, which are secured on its servers with end-to-end encryption. Device and Messages backups, Safari bookmarks, wallet cards, and other listed iCloud data can only be decrypted on verified user devices.

To activate the new feature, tap your name in Settings and then tap iCloud. From there, scroll down and select Advanced Privacy. If a recovery contact or key has not yet been set, you will need to set this up before the option becomes available. This is absolutely necessary, otherwise the data will no longer be accessible if you forget the iCloud password.

Another important new protection feature is support for hardware security keys. This means, among other things, that special USB sticks can be used instead of confirmation codes to log in to new devices. The same applies if you want to reset an Apple device.

- There is a new Unity watch face to honor black history and culture during Black History Month.- iOS 16.3 supports the new HomePod (2nd generation).- To make emergency calls, the side button must now be pressed together with one of the volume buttons held down and then released to prevent accidental emergency calls.- The update fixes an issue where some strokes drawn with the Apple Pencil or finger may not appear on shared boards.- Fixes a bug that caused a Background image on the lock screen can be black.- After the update, horizontal stripes no longer appear on the display of an iPhone 14 Pro Max after waking it from sleep.- Fixed an issue where the Home widget was on the lock screen does not show the status of the home app correctly. - Siri now always correctly responds to music requests again and has no more problems, in Car Play understand commands.