3 Kansas police officers Hurt with Altered shotgun inside Empty House: cops

3 Kansas police officers Hurt with Altered shotgun inside Empty House: cops

Said Sunday that they're investigating a fire that injured three police officers that this weekend and functioning to learn whether the shotgun was rigged into the doorway.

A"altered, wealthy shotgun" discharged since the officers entered a house in the town on Saturday, according to a release by Wichita Police Department spokesman Officer Trevor Macy.

"Apparently there have been many alterations made for this particular one," Macy informed The Wichita Eagle. "There are a couple man of attention that we're looking into."
As of Sunday, no one was in custody,'' he said.

An analysis determined that nobody was at the house, Macy explained. Before the episode, a homeowner called 911 to report that they'd detected damage to the house and believed a person might have been inside, police said.

Officers surrounded the house for a few hours Saturday before discovering that nobody was inside. Police Chief Gordon Ramsay stated in a news conference Saturday evening it was not immediately clear if the home was booby-trapped before officers arrived.

Two officers remained hospitalized Sunday, according to the launch . One was in serious but stable condition while another was being treated for minor injuries.

A third officer was treated in a hospital Saturday and has since been released, authorities said.
While officials reported hearing an explosion after moving inside, a guy said he had been out his girlfriend's house when he noticed what"seemed like a gun or an AR around," in accordance with the newspaper .

The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) are helping with the investigation, authorities said.

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