5 Factors to Consider for Estimating the Cost of Commercial Property Demolition

Demolishing a property is tough. If you think taking down a building won’t cost you much, you are mistaken. The demolition process is quite costly and lengthy

5 Factors to Consider for Estimating the Cost of Commercial Property Demolition

Demolishing a property is tough. If you think taking down a building won’t cost you much, you are mistaken. The demolition process is quite costly and lengthy. If you are not carefully calculating all the costs involved in the process, you might suffer losses.

No matter what kind of project you opt for, always calculate the costs involved beforehand. That way, you know how much money you need to invest in a project and do not go overboard.

Similarly, the demolition of a commercial property involves various factors. Keeping them in mind helps you stay on track. Here are the most important ones that aid in accurate cost estimation.

Estimate the Overhead Costs

Every demolition project has several overhead costs. These are indirect expenses that cannot be ignored at any level. For example, administrative and marketing expenditures fall under overhead costs. These might not have a direct link with the project but are essential.

Similarly, things like hauling and landfill costs also affect your budget. Hauling is a necessity in every demolition project. According to the experts at Vans Hauling, "After you tear down a place, you need to haul all that debris to a dump.” You can't dump waste on a roadside. There should be a proper disposal system.

Without finalizing these costs, your work is never complete. So, if you are responsible for disposing of debris, you cannot ignore it. No matter how tough it is, your company will need to work these expenses into your original quotation. Failing to recognize these expenses will cause your business to struggle.

Don't forget to add every minor and significant overhead cost. Anything left out could negatively affect your profits.

Calculate the Equipment Allocation Cost   

Demolishing a building requires manual labor and the use of heavy machinery. No matter how hard you try, you will need commercial-grade equipment to break down a structure. Every process is not manageable with hands.

So, plan what equipment you will need at the start of the project. For that, you will first need to understand the size and dimensions of the building. Once you are clear about the building, you write down all the types of equipment.

For instance, you need jackhammers, drilling machines, excavators, and other powerful machinery. Some of these items may be present, but most will be needed to be rented or bought. By writing down everything, you avoid purchasing unnecessary tools.

While managing tools, you could act smart and opt for economical options. Some companies even rent out stuff required only once or twice throughout the project's life. Choosing the right tools at a better cost help widen your profit margin.

Getting Necessary Permits

Getting permits is necessary but expensive as well. Moreover, if you accidentally get the wrong permit, you lose valuable money. Therefore, experts recommend project heads understand the nature of the work before obtaining licenses.

There are various permits required for demolishing a commercial building. If you lack a single permit, your work will immediately stop. A delay of a few days will double labor and equipment costs. 

Thus, understand what permits are required for you to carry out your work smoothly and what will be the cost to obtain them. After getting all the insights, you should make a quotation to your client.

Understand the Time Frame

Before starting a project, you must understand its time frame. If you can't complete a project within a specific time, your expenses increase. So, find how much time the process will take and how can you reduce it to maximize profits. 

The time frame will depend on building size, strength, and your chosen method. Whether you use heavy equipment or excavators to break down the structure also influences the time.

Calculate how long it will take to demolish a building with your current method and resources. If possible, keep yourself ahead of the deadline. When you set a completion date before the actual deadline, you have extra time to fix last-minute problems.

Manage a Jobsite Inspection

No matter how long you have worked in the industry, you cannot skip hiring an inspector to check a job site. Even with years of experience, you cannot match the expertise of a professional. So hire an actual inspector to thoroughly go through the place before starting.

An inspection can help save you money. For example, some buildings have hazardous materials like asbestos which turn a demolition job into a nightmare. If you proceed with the demolition of such buildings, you put your worker's health at risk. Even your budget will be disturbed.

It will ultimately cause a loss to your business. So, a thorough job site inspection is a must. Only then do you determine whether you can manage your cost. Demolition isn't a simple process and has many hidden expenses. Determine these before placing a quote in front of your clients. 

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