Banco Santander closes this Friday 164 offices within the implementation of the ERE

Santander will cut your benefit 1,500 million for the impairment of its subsidiary británicaBanco Santander closes today 176 offices for the EREOpenbank started

Banco Santander closes this Friday 164 offices within the implementation of the ERE
Santander will cut your benefit 1,500 million for the impairment of its subsidiary británicaBanco Santander closes today 176 offices for the EREOpenbank started its international expansion by Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal

Banco Santander has provided the close this Friday of 164 offices within the calendar implementation of the Record of Employment Regulation (ERE) that will launch the entity and that includes the decommissioning of a total of 1.150 branches .

According to the calendar of the entity, after the decommissioning of other 176 offices two weeks ago, this Friday, October 4 will take place shall cast the close a total of 164 branches, to be followed by 175 more on the 18 day of October, 200 November 8, and 211 on the 22nd of the next month.

In this new series, Banco Santander will close 37 offices in Galicia, 28 in Catalonia, 24 in Andalusia and the thirteenth in Castile and León . At the same time, affected twelve branches in Madrid, eleven in Valencia and Murcia; nine in Aragón, Navarra and La Rioja, and eight in Castilla La-Mancha.

This Friday also decreases the blind six offices in the Balearic islands and Extremadura , respectively; while that will be four branches that will close in the Basque Country , the other four between Cantabria and Asturias , and two Canary islands .

The bank announced that it would begin to execute this plan after completion of the process of technological integration of Banco Popular branches in the group, which took place last month of July.

542 offices already closed

The entity carried out the closing of 116 offices in the months of may and June , but in this case it was branches that were closed in the territories of pilot or because their business was limited, and pierced staff officers, according to sources.

by Adding all the locks which have already executed and planned for this Friday, Banco Santander will be closed 542 offices . As expected, there are still three batches more that will affect to 586 branches, adding 1.128. The remaining 22 are offices waste that could be adapted to measure that is completed the plan.

Reinforcement of the network of collaborators

What criteria are followed in these closures? Despite the announcement of the 1.150 closures, no town will be left without banking services , which, in addition to that most of the closures are taking place in the cities, the network of agents and partners is being strengthened.

all in all, each office that closes has another branch of the group to a average distance of about 230 meters . The bank has explained on several occasions that the rationalisation of the network is part of the need to improve efficiency due to duplication resulting from the integration of Banco Popular.

1987 people under the ERE

Banco Santander and union representation were closed in the past month of June a PLAN that includes the closing 1,150 offices, the extinction of 3.223 jobs and early retirement from 55 with between 75% and 80% of salary, depending on age.

According to the latest follow-up commission of the PLAN of the past 15 of September, 1.987 people, 61.6% of the total, had acceded to the restructuring of voluntary , of which 1.018 already have been detached and are other 969 were accepted but are still pending to run.

terms and Conditions

To cover the extinctions, Santander offered to employees between 55 and 61 years prejubilarse with the 80% of the pensionable salary or 75% plus 60% of the add volunteer , while seniors of 62 years will be paid the equivalent of 20 days per year worked, up to the limit of an annuity, and without premiums.

The collective of between 50 and 54 years you can leave the entity with 60% of the pensionable salary of six annuities, and a maximum of 380,000 euros, without discount by unemployment and with a special agreement with the Social Security until the age of 63, upgradable up to a maximum of 3%.

To this group will also give premiums for voluntary service of 2,000 euros for each three years full-worked , a premium of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros depending on their age and another of 15,000 euros. As for the workers of 49 years or less , or have a higher age but not accumulate 15 years of age, the extinctions will come accompanied by a compensation of 40 days per year worked, up to a maximum of 24 monthly payments.

This group also will have raw voluntariness of 2,000 euros for each three years old, and other of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros depending of the years that carry in the bank.

Santander Bank has assumed the commitment to re-position the 100% of those who want to continue working , as has happened on other occasions. In the ERE conducted in 2016 he achieved this goal, while in the adjustment undertaken in 2018, the success so far has been 73%, with a forecast of 100% in the second half of the year.

Date Of Update: 05 October 2019, 15:00

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