Essential kayaking tips for beginners

Kayaking is usually one of the favourite sports for beginners because of its pure nature such as cycling

Essential kayaking tips for beginners

Kayaking is usually one of the favourite sports for beginners because of its pure nature such as cycling. In kayaking, you will know how to paddle within a few hours. Some types of kayaking may include whitewater and sea kayaking.

Whether you play poker online or go kayaking in the best spots in the whole world, you will need to have the required skills before participating in the games. As a beginner participating in kayaking, the following are tips you should know before getting in the water for the first time.

Get a lesson

First, have a lesson in kayaking for you may not know how hard it is to paddle a kayak. If you do not have some proper coaching and training, you might get yourself paddling around in circles for the first hours. Having suitable lessons will help reduce a lot of time you will need to learn how to paddle and prevent capsizing.

Kayaking lessons are cheap, and you can search for a tool online that will help in finding a kayaking centre. The centre will provide details about kayaking for beginners who want to start lessons called the starter sessions at a lower price per person.

Dress for the water, not the weather

During the sunny days, one may be tempted to wear light clothes such as shorts and vests when going for kayaking, forgetting that the water temperature is freezing.

The clothes you wear should be necessary for the water and not the air temperature.Just as poker online requires strategies to play, kayaking requires wearing gloves and wetsuit. Kayaking attires makes the sport simple.

Choose the right boat

Make sure you choose the right boat from long narrow racing boats to freestyle playboats. When you are paddling on a lake or river, then you will have to use a flatwater boat. The best kayaks for beginners are sit-on-top, especially for beginners, as they are easy to paddle.

For beginners who want to kayak, they should always wear a buoyancy aid which are like life jackets but allow for more movement around the neck. Kayak schools always provide buoyancy aid, but if you want to go kayaking alone, then it recommended you rent or buy from nearby water shops. 

Sit properly in your kayak

It will be much easier to paddle if you sit correctly in a kayak. For you to sit correctly, you need to sit in an upright position with your lower back at 90 degrees.

Try resting your feet, and your toes should point outwards then your knees bent upwards and allow contact with the thigh supports.

Hold the paddle the right way

Paddling should be done in the right way when kayaking. The best way to maintain the paddle is by using both hands just over the shoulder-distance apart. Make sure part of the concave portion is facing you and should sweep through the water when you dip it in.


In conclusion, the above tips which are getting a lesson, dress for the water and not the weather and choose the right boat are essential for beginners while kayaking. Through the tips, this will make kayaking very efficient and effective and have the necessary skills are crucial for when playing poker online.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2019, 15:46

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