Planning a Big Family Holiday: 5 Top Tips

Going on holiday with a big group of family members is becoming more and more popular

Planning a Big Family Holiday: 5 Top Tips

Going on holiday with a big group of family members is becoming more and more popular. Many people live a long way away from their families, and the annual holiday may be the only time they get to spend any quality time together. It can also be a great way to lower costs by sharing accommodation. There are, however, several potential problems when trying to plan a big family holiday. This is especially true if the people coming are of different ages with everyone from babies, toddlers, teenagers and grandparents wanting something different from the trip. To help you plan the perfect holiday for you and your extended family, here are 5 top tips to keep in mind.

1.Consider your time and destination carefully

The time of year and the destination you choose will be incredibly important. You need to consider everyone’s travel times, work commitments, and school holidays, and this may well be the most complex aspect of the planning process, so get it sorted as soon as possible. It’s often unrealistic to expect everyone in the group to spend all of the time together, so ideally the destination should be somewhere which offers a range of activity options. People with young children may want access to a family-friendly beach, and you’ll need to consider access for elderly people. On the other hand, teenagers and younger people may be looking for activities and nightlife.

2.Choosing the right accommodation

Accommodation is a personal choice, but group villa holidays are a very popular choice for large families. You can rent a large villa with multiple bedrooms, private bathrooms, and a shared living/kitchen area. Some even have their own pool, which can be a great choice for families. This option can often work out cheaper per head which would give you more spending money to enjoy yourself.

3.Discuss money openly

Money can be a complicated and potentially contentious issue, so make sure everyone knows where they stand. If someone is offering to pay for the holiday flights and/or accommodation as a gift for everyone else, make sure you clarify how food, drink, and activities will be paid for when there. You might want to consider using a bill splitting app.If you are splitting the costs equally, when will the money need to be paid by, and who is handling the booking process?

4.Think about childcare

If children will be part of the group, it’s important to talk about how childcare responsibilities will be shared. Having lots of adults around can make childcare much more flexible, but it can become a source of resentment if some people feel they are doing more than their fair share. Make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their holiday, and no one feels taken advantage of.

5.Create a shared photo album

Smartphones mean that photo sharing has never been easier, but it will make it much easier if everyone uses the same method. Whether you choose to use a messaging service or a cloud storage system, try to get everyone contributing images to the same file or thread. You can then avoid having everyone pose while lots of different people try to get the same photo. Older people may need a little help at first, but at the end of the holiday you’ll have a collection of varied, natural and spontaneous photos to treasure.

Date Of Update: 09 October 2019, 16:46