Following Barcelona’s loss to Brazil with 2 – 0 in the Copa – America semi-final this summer,


Following Barcelona’s loss to Brazil with 2 – 0 in the Copa – America semi-final this summer, the football god Lionel Messi expressed profound remorse for not being able to win a major award with Argentina despite his great records in the football world. 


His words which were about how proud he was of his team and his teammates after they lost the match brought the other players to tears in the dressing room according to his compatriot Angel Di Maria.


"That we had not been together much as some had not been called up before yet it felt as though we had all been together for many years.


"He said that we had all fought in the same direction from the first day. That he was very proud of the youngsters for their commitment to their jersey and if they were there and gave what they gave at the Copa America, it was because they more than deserved to be there”. Once he finished, they were all in tears because it touched everyone's hearts, especially the youngsters”. 

“The young players are the ones that have to carry on in the same path. It will not be easy for them. They will have to work and continue giving their all as sooner or later, luck will be on our side." 


The speech gave the youngsters hope, courage and motivated them to be stronger; it is been an emotional period for the fans as well as they have not failed to relate to the pain of their team.

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Date Of Update: 08 October 2019, 15:54

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