Boris Johnson collapses in surveys

Boris Johnson collapses in the surveys. Two out of every three British questions the "integrity of him", after the scandal of the Covid parties in Downing S

Boris Johnson collapses in surveys

Boris Johnson collapses in the surveys. Two out of every three British questions the "integrity of him", after the scandal of the Covid parties in Downing Street, and more than half (54%) think he should resign. Voters threaten to pass invoice to the conservative party, which for the first time in eleven months yielded before the Labor Party of Keir Starmer, four to six points ahead in the surveys.

In the middle of the political storm, the "Premier" has decided to take a few days to fulfill its parent's obligations, after the birth of its second child (a girl), from his third marriage to Carrie. But the "Tories" did not forgive and dozens of deputies have announced their intention to challenge their leader and torpedo their new restrictions against the Covid next Tuesday in Parliament.

There are still letters to the Parliamentary Committee 1922 by reclaiming a motion of censorship against Boris Johnson, similar to the fact that it promised the fall of Theresa May in 2019. It would be about 50 cards or 15% of the deputies, to activate a new contest by the Conservative leadership, in the middle of an increasingly chaotic situation.

"Could the" Tories "really do the unthinkable?" He asked at The Daiy Mail The political editor Jason Groves, who warns how the parliamentary insurgency and a possible reverse of the voters on December 16 (with the elections in Shropshire North, to cover the vacancy left by the resignated Owen Paterson) can end up promoting the fall of Boris Johnson.

Far there is the deceptive triumphant speech of the conservative leader at the beginning of October, when the country faced the supplies crisis and the endless queues in gas stations. The reality was happening to him.

Johnson returned to the lifeguard of the vaccines before the Omicron Variant and tried to trace with the third dose campaign. But the scandal of the Covid parties in Downing Street at Christmas 2020 (when most of the country was under severe restrictions by the Delta variant) exploded in the nose just before being a father.

His former Communication Adviser Allegra Stratton, contracted precisely in his day to enhance his image, definitely sank his reputation with the famous video issued by the ITV in which they were mocked of the restrictions and answered with Sarna before the questions about a "fictitious party ". Stratton resigned within a few hours, while Johnson endured the temporal in Parliament and kept insisting that there were no "parties" in Downing Street.

Three out of every four British thinks that there were "parties" and 68% believe that Johnson is not telling the truth, according to a yougov survey. 61% admits that the video made them feel "outraged" and 44% admit that he felt "betrayed". In another survey, from Savanta Comres, 54% of British believes that Boris Johnson should resign, including 33% of conservatives.

The scandal of the parties of the Covid has had an immediate political impact, with the definitive advancement of the Labor Party on the Conservative Party in the surveys. Yougov's survey for The Times gives a four-point advantage (37% to 33%), widented to another survey survey for The Daily Mirror (40% to 34%).

The snowball advances between both implacable to Downing Street, with the news about at least three parties investigated by the Secretary of the Cabinet, Simon Case (November 27, December 10 and December 18, 2020). In the latter, Johnson's spokesman, Jack Doyle, came to intervene before more than 50 people and to grant "prizes", when the meetings of more than six people indoors were prohibited, as the ITV has reported.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2021, 09:53

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