Brian's life is a rue, until the day of the first communion

"Bryan always dares". All those who have seen him are repeated to be trained in the sports city of the Utrera road, in Seville. They are Pablo Blanco, Ern

Brian's life is a rue, until the day of the first communion

"Bryan always dares". All those who have seen him are repeated to be trained in the sports city of the Utrera road, in Seville. They are Pablo Blanco, Ernesto Chaos or Joaquín Caparrós, who took decisions in the sports direction of the club when it had to be taken on their incorporation and progression.

The signing for the Tottenham became Bryan Gil, on Tuesday, in the man of the Spanish football day, something that can be again if he estimates Luis de la Fuente, in the duel in which the Olympic team is played his pass Rooms in front of Argentina (13:00, Spanish time). He serves the tie but he is going to need the goal, and nobody has seen the road with so much clarity as Barbate's young talent.

Despite not being a starter, Bryan has been one of the first alternatives used by the source when the goal did not arrive, outside Egypt as opposing Australia. In the second meeting, the verticality and overflowing caused panic in ocean defense. "He reminded me of one of the matches in which I took it from the bench, in Valladolid," recalls Caparrós, during the last stage in which he directed the Hispanic club circumstantially, after the dismissal of Pablo Machín. "It was a match," I was 0-0, "Bryan came out, broke it and generated the goal of the victory's goal."

Before Australia, came the ball to the ball, thanks to a launch of Asensio and the Oyarzabal auction, but the change in the dynamics corresponded to this "distinct footballer", as CaParrós says, a "'breaker' with an electric dribble, that disassembled a system, from the players that there is, that is why he has caught the attention of the Premier. "

"Bryan wanted several clubs and when he was a child, Barcelona and Betis between them," says the coach. "But I have to say that Seville did a great job, because he behaved to help him, who needed him". The past crisis had left at the end of him, dedicated to construction, so the club paid gasoline to move from Barbate to Seville to train. Almost 200 kilometers a day. One a week, they let him be trained in his town until they already demanded to join the club's residence of players. He knew then that the life of him and the family of him was in him.

The benefit has been clear. The sale to the 'Spurs' is one more of those held by Sevilla with players from his quarry. Bryan will leave in the club coffers 25 million euros.

"It is a classic product of the quarry of Seville, as kings or navas, and has a sacrificial ability that does not stand out. Defend and, sometimes, you have to tell you that you save efforts so you can develop your game in full. We We are corrected so that, instead of coming to receive, go straight to space, "explains Caparrós.

The acceleration in his progression was key: "With 16 years, we put him to play in the subsidiary, at the orders of Luci, and it is not easy to do it at that age in second B, where there are very tanned and hard players and players." Caparrós adds that in what the footballer is currently we have to give a lot of merit to José Luis Mendilibar, Technician of Eibar: "'Mendi' was brave, because in a club of that level it is not easy to make bets for offensive footballers of that type" .

From the source, which can already have mingueza before Argentina, it is not the only one who has used Bryan as an alternative in parties without apparent offensive solutions. He did Luis Enrique in the absolute, because with the Andalusian in the field, things always happen. The footballer faces determined, as if in each dribble life. "It was very clear that he wanted to be a professional footballer," Caparrós ends. Until the day he had to be absent from a game, by the first communion of him, he ran to ask about the outcome of his team as soon as he commune. There is no day without dribbery.

Date Of Update: 27 July 2021, 20:36

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