Bruce Springsteen at the best time, in the best place, as we had never seen it

Take the neck of the shirt over a sweaty American and the half-witted chest and the pins go match with the tupé and with the electric shocks of your body while

Bruce Springsteen at the best time, in the best place, as we had never seen it

Take the neck of the shirt over a sweaty American and the half-witted chest and the pins go match with the tupé and with the electric shocks of your body while hitting screaming and strutting like a chula on the Madison Square scene Garden. It is September 1979 Ybruce Springsteen behaves like the perfect nostalgic he has always been, playing with the Fender Telecaster that he bought for $ 185 songs that are like religious hymns, singing upset as a rock preacher.

"Attention, attention, please, this is a sanitary notice," says Socarrón, stopping a tremendous succession of versions of Rock and Roll classics, "if someone among the public has a weak heart, or weak stomach, or if recently. has had a heart or brain transplant »(brain! Ay, but what Bruce more Bruce)," Please leave the room now, it could be dangerous to stay over the next five minutes, "he adds, and The Madison Chilla, and he smiles, smiles because he is a Gulf and is in his sauce, he feels the center of the Cochino Universe, and people are simply trapped by the Jeta who has and for those songs that come out of 1,150 degrees And for all that group that touches them as if it were life on it.

That is what happened at the end of one of the two performances that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band offered during a festival against nuclear energy that were recorded by a film team with great quality of vision and sound. Three Songs of Springsteen were published in the non-Nukes documentary (the whole event was recorded by a cinematographic team), but nothing else until now, that all that material has been remastered in an extensive double CD and DVD.

The launch is one of the best documents from the Springsteen's live and its group of the 70s, along with the just limited concert of the Hammersmith Odeon of London of 1975.

Well, everything is fine, but what is special about? Bruce Springsteen fans have been building the legend of him and the myth of him on this type of muscular metaphors. The myth was created in the 1980s with the world success of Born in the USA, but the legend goes back to the 70s, and there is the question, that this short and intensimate stage for the New Jersey musician, full of changes and Evolution, memorable songs, and heroic concerts, is barely documented in film.

"I was badly going on me that they recorded me for cinema or television," said Springsteen at a recent interview in the Rolling Stone American magazine.

Stubborn man, he kept clinging to the decision not to be recorded in video with the same fanaticism with which he then wanted to document and record his direct. "It was a typically youthful error by insecurity. Now I would like you to have been engraved on video at all hours, or at least once in each tour, "he commented in the same interview.

The hour and a half contained in this new volume, which is sold on DVD since November 19 and that can be seen on platforms from day 23, is the result of combining the best of its two concerts offered at the festival organized by Jackson Browne and in which Tom Petty also participated: both sing here in a nice version of Stay.

The Springsteen we see, devouring songs as a demented, touching faster and faster, stronger, is twenty-day for a day. The concerts were held on September 21 and 22, and on 23 it would be 30 this bruce of great power that is already crawling from the first time it screams «One, Two, Three, Four» to start playing Provide It All Night Yuno The great classics of their repertoire of direct since then, Badlands, which sounds a little faster, a bit uncontrolled.

The repertoire includes volcanic versions of great classics such as Born to Run (the battery as the engine of a bomber, the pianist making virgoveries, the guitars playing Rock and Roll and the saxophone breaking the roof of Madison), Thunder Road (whose chorus already sang the public to choir as if it were the old and exciting hymn we know today), an super intense, super long and super epic rosalita (eat out tonight) or The Promised Land (which starts with a longer introduction than usual, with a lot More harmonious, remembering more than ever to the Bob Dylan stage with The Band).

Springsteen and his methodical group came to the great New York Sports Palace after nine months without actuating, absorbed by marathonians and somewhat dequelting recording sessions of The River, double disc that was published just one year later. It was precisely in those two concerts where he first played two songs from that album that changed his race.

One was Sherry Darling, in an interpretation hesitated and elongated tremendously in a long single of Clarence Clemons.

But the most special moment was when the song The River sounded for the first time. Springsteen counts on the letter the real story of his Sister Virginia, pregnant at 17, "married in court without smiles, without flowers or wedding dress," a currela that was in Madison and I did not know anything about the song . Did he like him to discover it along with 20,000 people? Not at all, he got very angry ("why have you had to tell my life?"), Although over time he learned to accept the homage there was in it. That night, when the harmonica broke the silence, it was the only time that the whole site was mute, instead of howling with emotion, as it has been custom for 40 years.

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