Coronavirus, last minute | Delta and delta plus variants could be resistant to some antibodies

The cumulative incidence (IA) of Coronavirus has increased a bit after the latest health data communicated this Friday, standing at 40.85 cases per 100,000 inha

Coronavirus, last minute |
 Delta and delta plus variants could be resistant to some antibodies

The cumulative incidence (IA) of Coronavirus has increased a bit after the latest health data communicated this Friday, standing at 40.85 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Spain continues to be found at low risk, but contagions remains without decreasing 2,248 new cases of Covid and 57 new deaths.

Meanwhile, a study published in the magazine Cell Reoorts points out that the vaccines of Pfizer and AstraZeneca were also less effective against Delta and Delta Plus variants compared to the original virus.

Andalusia has administered until this Friday October 15 a total of 12,927,893 doses of the Vaccine against the Covid-19 --9,435 more in 24 hours -, and a total of 6,737,617 Andalusians feature the full vaccine guideline - 5.035 more--, while 6,867.633 already have at least one dose.

According to the part of the Andalusia Board, with these figures the region has 79.5% of the population with the full vaccine guideline, and 90.4% of those over 12, while 81.1% of the population and 92.1% of those over 12 years of age has received the first dose.

Andalusia registers this Saturday, October 16 a descent of a hospitalized by Covid-19 compared to Friday to be a total of 204, which represents a decline of 20 in the intersemanal comparison, while patients admitted to an intensive care unit (UCI) They have decreased by three to 49, 19 less than those notified seven days ago.

This has been detailed by the health and families counseling of the Junta de Andalucía in the daily report of the evolution of the disease. In this way, the hospitalized descended one Saturday, after having done it at five on Friday, up five on Thursday and decrease the rest of the week on three on Wednesday, on seven on Tuesday, on Monday on Monday and in seven last Saturday , when there were 224 hospitalized.

The percentage of Spanish population at risk of poverty or social exclusion (AROP) rose 1.1 points by 2020, a year marked by the Coronavirus pandemic, and stood at 26.4%, the highest data since 2017, according to The last survey of living conditions of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) consulted by Europe Press for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which is celebrated this October 17.

In this way, the statistic reveals that in 2017, the percentage of population at risk of poverty and social exclusion was 26.6%; In 2018, it fell to 26.1%; In 2019 it was 25.3% and in 2020 it has increased to 26.4%.

Navarra recorded yesterday, 40 new positive cases of COVID-19 after carrying out 1,508 tests, which yields a 2.7% positivity rate, according to the Government's data of Navarra.

The Forum Community did not exceed 40 contagions since September 15, when half a hundred cases were detected with a positivity of 3.1%.

With the arrival of autumn, the first seasonal viruses appear and with them the colds. With a pandemic that seems to be close to ending, and more if it fits at levels of almost normality, without just more measures than the distances and the use of the mask indoors it seems that in our body the pathogens' of always recover their space. A plus sign, as experts point, that preconvid normality is closer.

More pharyngitis, sneezing, coughs ... Vaccination cornered to Coronavirus and leaves the pathogens 'as always'.

11.21. All Covid indicators improve in Galicia, with 28 contagion and 0.88% positivity

Galicia starts starting over the weekend after the October 12 bridge with a descent of the contagion after notification of 28 in the last 24 hours, 10 less than in the day before. Patients admitted by Covid, 34, with which are four less; as well as the active cases, which remain at 451 -21 minus. The same goes for the positivity rate, in 0.88%.

According to the data published this Saturday by the Sanidae Formistry with records until 18.00 hours this Friday, seven people continued by the Covid in UCI and fall to 27 those admitted to other units -four less.

By sanitary areas, hospital pressure is alleviated in three: A Coruña-Cee and Ourense, while staying in the rest.

The Health Conselleler, Josep Maria Argimon, has assured this Saturday that the children will be "the first" to take off the mask in schools, perhaps this course, although it has not put a date for it, while claiming the Government Keep the funds Covid in 2022.

In statements to Catalunya Ràdio, Argimon has announced that children will be the first to leave the mask in schools because "it is not very pedagogical to teach with mask. Between taking off the mask at a theater or in class, first will be the class".

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has notified 74 new cases of Coronavirus in the Autonomous Community, no deceased and 114 epidemiological highs, results that correspond to what is recorded this Friday, October 15.

By provinces, 60 positive cases have been accounted for in Zaragoza and 78 people recovered; In Huesca, 8 contagions and 11 high; and in Teruel 5 cases and 24 recovery.

Among the basic areas of health, the 15 positives of Caspe (Zaragoza) and the 6 of Zalfonada-Picarral, in the Aragonese capital stand out in this day.

Cantabria continues to lower almost all its indicators of the pandemic, with descent of new cases and with hospitals and UCIs that continue to empty. Only the 14-day incidence is still maintained at level 2 (medium risk), although it also continues, albeit slowly, downward.

The rest of the indicators are already at low risk or in a situation of new normality. In the general index, Cantabria is maintained at level 1 (low risk).

Specifically, according to the latest data on the health counseling corresponding to Friday, Cantabria has registered 17 cases of COVID-19, four less than Thursday, and there are 15 patients admitted, one less, of which, three are in the unit of intensive care (UCI), which is one less than in the previous day.

The Health Conseller of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimon, has said that it is not a supporter of the use of the Covid-19 passport to accredit the competing pace of vaccination because it is "a restriction of rights and freedoms".

However, he has defended his use on some occasions, as to access nightlife premises, a sector very punished by the pandemic and "that has a certain risk", as he said in statements to Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europe Press this Saturday.

The Health Holder, who trusts that the Coronavirus "becomes a seasonal virus" and that this Christmas is like those prior to the pandemic, has explained that the use of the mask will still be prolonged during this fall and beginning of winter.

He has also celebrated that the epidemiological data recumination carried out daily from the Health Consellery through its website is very positive Saturday, with data similar to those that were recorded at the end of the start of the first wave in Catalonia.

The Covid-19 pandemic follows the low in Catalonia, which this Saturday sum 330 admitted by the Coronavirus -ocho less than the eve - and two new deaths -found less than yesterday- in the last 24 hours, with what deaths Provided by the pandemic, reach 23,954 in this community.

According to the last balance of the incidence of the pandemic made public this morning by the Health Department of the Generalitat, the risk of regrowth (EPG), which measures the growth potential of the pandemic, also follows a downpath and is situated in 37, compared to 40 yesterday.

Regarding the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19, Catalonia continues to approach a million, with 996,590 cases until today, which represents 814 more than in the balance of yesterday.

The Generalitat Valencian has promoted, as an extraordinary measure to address the effects of the pandemic, the concession of an additional 1.2 million in grants for scientific research projects against the Covid, bringing the total funds dedicated to this field ascend to A total of 5.2 million.

According to the Generalitat in a statement, 107 innovative projects have been submitted to this call, which will be financed with funds from donations against NOCID that the Generalitat Valenciana received by anonymous citizens, companies and groups lawdessed mostly in the Valencian Community.

Soler has highlighted that donations, ranging between 12.5 euros and 500,000 euros, reflect the diversity of profiles that have been directed to the administration to make their contributions and therefore recalled that the Consell has included specific deductions for these Donations that can reach up to 25%.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be descended in the Catalan educational centers, since 2,870 confined people were accounted for this Saturday, 101 less than yesterday, and there is still no confined school.

These data have been facilitated today by the Department of Education through the TraçoCovid application, created the past course to inform about the incidence of the pandemic in the school sphere and that has been launched with the beginning of the school year 2021 -2022.

Of the 2,870 confined people, a total of 2,697 are students -78 less than yesterday-, another 167 teachers and administrative staff -21 less than yesterday- and there are six people from external personnel - no less than yesterday-.

According to the application, prepared from the information offered by the educational centers, today there are 71 centers with confined groups (72 yesterday), which represents 1.39% of the total.

About the start of the vaccination campaign against influenza, which will take place in the coming days, the president of the Spanish Association of Vaccunology and Head of Epidemiology of the Canarian Health Service, Amos García, has warned that "behavior That is going to have the flu this year is quite unpredictable ".

The expert, who has referred to the incidence of influenza in Spain last year was anecdotal due to the measures taken to deal with the Covid-19, has announced that this season the situation is going to be different from that of others years.

In addition to the use of the mask, the physical distance and the washing of hands and the wide vacuum coverage of the flu last year, as explained by the expert in statements to Europe Press, the element that most characterized that there was little flu in 2020 was "The own presence of the COVID-19".

"Normally, when there is such an abundant respiratory virus, as is the case of SARS-COV-2, it becomes so predominant that the rest of the respiratory viruses as soon as they appear - this year it happens that they are going to relax the COVID-19 containment measures, we do not know how vaccinal flu coverage will be and, in addition, SARS-COV-2 is not going to be so predominant, which can mean that the free hole will leave the SARS-VOC -2 Take advantage of the flu virus, "the expert announced, affecting the unpredictability of this virus this season.

The health authorities of Dianamrca will begin to offer third reinforcement doses of the Vaccine against Covid-19 to its citizens as of next week, as announced this Friday the Minister of Health of the country, Magnus Heunicke.

Although at first the possibility will only be open to people over 65, the idea is that all citizens can opt for a third dose at least six months and 14 days after receiving the second.

The third dose has already been applied to people with a depressed immune system and those living in elderly residences, according to the Danish chain DR. The authorities expect around a thousand and a half million people to vacve with the third dose in the coming months.

The Panel of Experts of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English) has supported this Friday to recommend a dose of reinforcement of the Vaccine against the Johnson & Johnson VOCID-19 vaccine for over 18 years.

The Advisory Committee for Vaccines and Biological Biological Products of the FDA has given green light to the recommendation in a unanimous manner for the use of a second dose at least two months after the first one has been applied, informs the US CNN chain.

Now, the FDA will have to assess the recommendation and decide whether to give it its approval or not, after what the decision would go to the centers for the control and prevention of diseases (CDC).

The Community of Madrid will take the street vaccination against the Covid-19 this weekend with Summa's mobile teams for the administration of first and second doses without appointment installed in the district of Moncloa de la Capital and in the Locations of Arganda of the King and Parla.

Specifically, this device to facilitate vaccination to the population so that it reaches the maximum number of possible people will be active on Saturday in Moncloa, from 19 to 22 hours, next to the Building of the Municipal Board, on the exterior of the exchanger of TRANSPORTS OF MONCLOA.

In addition, on Sunday there will be a similar device at the Arganda Young Enclave Center of the King, on Calle Mar de Alborán, and in the Plaza de la Civil Guard of Parla, both from 10 to 14 hours.

The Summa team will be composed in all cases by six professionals, with two nurses and two sanitary emergency technicians for vaccination and other supervisors, as explained to Europe Press of the Medical Emergency Service.

A team from the Primates German Center - Leibniz Institute for Göttingen Primates Research and their colleagues at Hannover Faculty of Medicine, the Göttingen University Medical Center and Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) They have investigated why the DELTA variant of SARS-COV-2, the virus that provokes the COVID-19, spreads so effectively and if the Delta Plus viruses are more dangerous.

In his work, published in Cell Reports magazine, they could demonstrate that Delta and Delta Plus infect the lung cells more effectively than the original virus. In addition, one of the four antibodies used to treat the COVID-19 was not effective against Delta, and Delta Plus was even resistant against two therapeutic antibodies.

In the same way, the antibodies generated after vaccination with the vaccines of Biontech-Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca were also less effective against Delta and Delta Plus compared to the original virus. On the other hand, these variants were inhibited comparable, which suggests that Delta Plus may not suppose an increased risk for vaccinated people than delta.

Finally, it was discovered that individuals vaccinated first with Oxford-Astrazeneca and then with Biontech-Pfizer had significantly more antibodies that inhibited delta than individuals vaccinated twice with Oxford-Astrazeneca. Thus, they demonstrate the combination of two vaccines can induce a particularly strong immune protection against the variants of SARS-COV-2.

The Chinese National Health Commission today informed the detection of 14 new positives of the Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 this Friday, all of them diagnosed with travelers from outside the borders of mainland China.

The health authorities also reported today of the detection of 18 new asymptomatic infections (all "imported", minus 3), although Beijing does not compute them as confirmed cases unless they manifest symptoms.

The total of this type of observation infections is 372, of which 359 comes from other territories.

Updated Date: 16 October 2021, 08:20

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