Crying by the consensus, and the vitality of the 78

The King claimed the Constitution as the "great national pact of coexistence, harmony, reconciliation, democracy and freedom" THE WORLD with the Constitut

Crying by the consensus, and the vitality of the 78

The King claimed the Constitution as the "great national pact of coexistence, harmony, reconciliation, democracy and freedom"

THE WORLD with the Constitution: 40 years of living in freedom

The comforting bath of self-esteem constitutional that Spain has given itself to meet 40 years culminated in a session of the Cortes Generales. The ceremony of homage to the consensus of lost was celebrated with a liturgy of which light up the eyes and the emotion of the Chamber. Without getting to the mayestáticos rituals of Westminster, the Congress of Deputies, not inferior in solemnity when he celebrates those institutions that pursues without fainting Ana Pastor. The two speakers, the president and the King, endeavored in their speeches. Cries very senses by the covenant and the vitality of the Spain of the 78.

That Spain occupied the center of the stage. The Kings of the 78, the speakers of the 78 -then you have to add the alive - and the presidents from the 78 were accommodated in chairs upholstered in red. José María Aznar, the most wicked young man. The protocol of the State -finally - found a place to place to Don Juan Carlos, the King who abdicated and now wanders around searching for his destination. The father of Felipe VI has his mobility somewhat damaged -walk hard with a walking stick-although it is still a pleasant man in the vicinity. As if there would happen what happens. As the own Spain. A country of friendly, prosperous, and modern -protagonist of a transformation mind-boggling in the past few decades - but that complies forty years of democracy, experienced also some problems with mobility, fatigue of materials and wear and tear of the institutions.

In tune with the feminine spirit of this time, which is like a rose is the Queen Sofia. Is the same age as her husband, but no one would say. His son, the King of 2018, you never forget it in their speeches. Or give her public gestures of affection. She and their two daughters, Leonor -Princess of Asturias - and Sofia. The two girls took their places at the Table of Congress, and after they went out to the playground for the reception. The State presented as its glorious past -the Kings of the 78, its complex present -the Kings of now - and its uncertain future, in the person of a girl of 13 years. In days so conducive to consume images of the Spain hopeful of pants, hood, hair fried and pure signage election, the Queen Letizia paid also homage to that aesthetic. The girls wore dresses and tights to school from the seventies.

as the King said in his speech-more literary and emotive than on other occasions - the Spain of today is very different to that December 6, 1978. Another generation, other problems, other solutions. Nor Felipe VI, he looks like Juan Carlos I, nor politics, nor the street, nor his shadow. Although it could very well be the illusion of an idealized past, the constituents felt -in the words of Miguel Herrero- "organs of the spirit of the people". "What we breathed in the public square". Now that you can breathe in the public square is rather anger, rage, and anger against politicians. Until the Monarchy is contested, as recalled in all solemn occasions the members of United we Can, with the arms fallen while the remainder of the chamber applauds with passion to the head of State. The seats empty nationalist basques and catalans are the clear expression of the problem Spanish.

do Not say anything of how it has changed the speech in parliament. The King rescued a few words of the late speaker Gabriel Cisneros in which he described thus the framers of the Constitution. "The passionate erudition of Fraga; the conservatism illustrated and biting of Miguel Herrero; the warm abandon cadiz and the liberal Pérez-Llorca; the maritainismo -and sometimes candid, and sometimes angry - Fish-Beard; the statement subtle, negotiator and relentless Miquel Roca; the incredible tenacity marxist Solé Tura; my populism antioligárquico, reformer, puritan and traditional".

There is nothing. To see how many deputies can cite today the "maritainismo" in the stands. Where is lost "statement and subtle negotiator" of Rock. What was the naturalness of the conservatives to speak with the "marxism" of Solé Tura. Who would dare to claim to now the "populist reformer", as was Cisneros. Finished the homage to Spain's 78, we return to the present.

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Date Of Update: 08 December 2018, 20:01

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