Democrats hasten to vote the impeachment before the end of the year

The White House restricted the access to calls of Trump Putin and Bin Salman, according to CNNDimite sent Trump to Ukraine after the scandal of the llamadaTrump

Democrats hasten to vote the impeachment before the end of the year
The White House restricted the access to calls of Trump Putin and Bin Salman, according to CNNDimite sent Trump to Ukraine after the scandal of the llamadaTrump: "they Are inventing stories because you're going to lose the elections,"

The democrats have been marked as the deadline to the end of this year to complete the research that will decide if Donald Trump has committed crimes serious enough like to be challenged by means of the process known as "impeachment". With barely three months ahead, the democratic majority in the House of Representatives has begun three parallel investigations on the pressures of the president of the united States to the Government of Ukraine, and in them has already requested evidence or testimony under oath of at least six high-ranking u.s. officials with knowledge of the contacts of Trump.

A warning issued Friday by the presidents of the commissions of Intelligence, Adam Schiff; Foreign, Elliott Engel, and Control of the Government, Elijah Cummings, the committee urges the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to be delivered to the Capitol documents relating to the machinations of Trump and his Government in Ukraine. The three congressmen democrats claim in their letter that they fear that "president Trump has put at risk the security of the nation to put pressure on Ukraine to interfere in the elections of 2020 and to withhold aid military approved by Congress to help Ukraine to fight the aggression of Russia".

The democrats are investigating whether Trump pressured the president Zelensky to open an investigation to Joe Biden, who leads the polls of the democratic primary. In a call held with Zelensky on the 25th of July, whose transcripts made public Wednesday the White House, Trump asked Ukraine to investigate if Biden violated the law by requiring in 2016 the dismissal of then prosecutor general of ukraine, Victor Shokin, accused of corruption. Given the fact that Shokin had investigated a gas company, Burisma, where he worked for five years a son of Biden, Hunter.

Resignation of Volker

democrats charged that an american diplomat, the special envoy of Trump to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, had a central role in this plot, since it served as the intermediary to organize a meeting in Madrid on the 2nd of August between mayor Rudolph Giuliani, personal lawyer of the president, and Adrei Yermak, advisor to the Ukrainian Zelensky. According to denounce the democrats in his warning, through these conversations and meetings Trump threatened to freeze indefinitely a package of 400 million dollars in aid, military to Ukraine if the country failed to Biden.

Although Volker resigned from his post on Friday, has been called to testify by written by democrats on Capitol hill. Next to him, and Pompeo, other witnesses already mentioned in the case of the "impeachment" Trump are the inspector general of the intelligence services of the White House, Michael Atkinson, and the exembajadora of the USA in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who was fired by Trump on may 20. In his call with Zelensky, Trump criticized openly Yovanovitch. According to the president said: "That exembajadora of US, that woman, was bad and the people that was in the Ukraine was also bad, I think that you should know this."

The democrats have given the Government until Friday, October 4, to deliver a series of documents crucial to the investigation. It is a sign of the rush that have completed the raid before the start of the primary process of his party, in February of 2020. The republicans have decided, for the moment, not to organize primaries because Trump is presented to the re-election . After the House vote on whether refusing to Trump, something for which the democrats have enough votes, will make his impeachment in the Senate, where republicans have a majority. Not a single one of them supports the ‘impeachment’.

Since the democratic leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced the opening of the process of "impeachment" on Tuesday, Trump has complained that he is the victim of a witch hunt. Yesterday, already back to Washington after the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the president went to play golf to a field that is property of your company in Virginia. He was joined by republican senator Lindsey Graham, one of its main allies in the Capitol, and two stars of the golf course, the veteran players Gary Player and Annika Sörenstam.

The opening of the investigations has caused an american official who for the moment remains anonymous and the 12 of August he presented a formal complaint to their superiors in the intelligence services on a possible abuse of power by the president to influence the elections of 2020. The letter, nine pages long, was made public by the democrats on Capitol hill on Thursday, and in it the complainant anonymous accuses the White House of trying to cover up the evidence of these pressures to Ukraine.

recent polls show that a narrow majority of americans is opposed to the opening of this political trial. The last poll, the institute demoscópico Marist, ensures that a 49% think that is unfair, versus 47% who believe it is right. 88% of democrats approved, and an overwhelming 93% of republicans consider it to be an error.

Date Of Update: 02 October 2019, 23:00

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