Ears weight for the Juli and Alejandro Marcos in Salamanca

He returned the audience to the roundabout one more September and, as the canons also send, the fair ended the sails of San Mateo. Fair flavored to many essence

Ears weight for the Juli and Alejandro Marcos in Salamanca

He returned the audience to the roundabout one more September and, as the canons also send, the fair ended the sails of San Mateo. Fair flavored to many essences recovered in which not missing did not fail or the wind that recalled that, no matter how much you do not want to see, autumn is already sharpening the rake. The tremendous gale that lashed the square was the first protagonist of an afternoon in which the audience responded to the call of a poster who reconfigured the formula of the closing day with a mixed celebration. On horseback, a beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza left passages of emotion. On foot, the Juli and Alejandro Marcos cut off ears of a lot of weight before a currency of those who embitted in True Bravo: Garcigrande.Conditions that synthesized the sixth, perhaps the best time in the afternoon, with the only hits that funny He finished soon. He went out with feet and humiliating in Alejandro's Percal, Rus fade after putting four exposure sticks: there was material and desire to see that of the Saint Stephen Fountain after the two ears of day 12. What was there was linker and a lot I send an authentic stampering machine. The half distance, the fabrics placed on the face and to wear the rush braves, while the bull and the wind allowed him. Alejandro combines exceptional aesthetic conditions and a huge value that announces earthquakes in the ladder. Young cheeky, reminiscent of Tom Wolfe's phrase when the new American writers appeared: "The barbarians have arrived!" And it was worthy of Attila's lunge, which gave him an ear and although the audience asked for the two, the president denied the big door to the house.

Grace that nobody would have argued if I had been more accurate with the sword in the third. Alejandro Frame Frame First in La Cabeza to Draw Four Lovely Veronics and One Average. Afterwards, in the crutch, the pure and serious bullfight of the great masters of Castilla, the same one that allowed him to take a ticket to San Mateo via replacement of Pablo Aguado. He came from Garcigrande with delivery but gasoline lacked to reach the end. He was intelligent the skilled measuring heights and times in a very good task that was left without a prize because of the two punctures.

He had gone through Salamanca a juli unknown against the Galache on his first visit to the fair and the right hand returned to the place of the facts to take this time the afternoon ahead. Beautiful stamp of almondrero before which he dictated a lesson of how to attack a bull brave and delivered from the beginning. He knew how to open the ways to break forward and from there a task of tremendous value conditioned by the gale. In the end, it wasted that not by rear was less effective and the president did not attend to the request of an ear that raced most.

Yes he cut the appendix from the fifth, before which things began badly because of the wind. He lifted eolo the cloak of the Juli on the receipt and took a dry blow into the ribs that he became descended by the talegilla. With a gesture of pain, he returned to the face of the bull, because Rasposillo was the last chance of triumph. Again Will Kane, the Honored Sheriff that has the bullets and walks only down the street of the town. This time Miller touched a bull of a lot of caste. But the sheriff is the sheriff and despite the pain of the side and the wind he curled up a very serious task in which the enemy failed two shots by very little. He ear to responsibility, the courage and the capacity of a piece of bullfighter.

The groupers were not missing in the traditional San Matthew, by the young beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza. He tempered the first, before he who was varied and brave, although with inevitable lack of experience. More exciting and tight was the job to the great room. He rose the excitement at times when he nail several banderillas in the center of the ring with not little risk. He was seen enjoying the rump with cuts and rejections, but failed with that of death before two great bulls of Carmen Lorenzo. It makes you want to see more cumshots of the spine currency rapored. But on foot.

Bullring of the Glorieta. Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Quinta de Feria. Three quarters within the allowed capacity. Bulls of Carmen Lorenzo for rejones, of extraordinary presentation and good game, and of Garcigrande for lidia on foot, of correct manners; Bravos Non-final second and sixth, rioted third and fifth.Guillermo beautiful of Mendoza, Blue and Silver: Fully rejonazo and rejonazo (silence). In the fourth puncture, medium rejón and two crazles (palms). The Juli, of Nazarene and Gold: rear thrust (ovation). In the fifth, disrupted, cabello (ear) .Alejandro Marcos, from Lila and Gold: Two punctures, stretched outstanding (ovation). In the sixth, thrust (ear).

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 14:00

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