Edmundo Bal takes it out in a tense debate with the minister Delgado: Did you give the order to the Law?

The failure of the "procés" will be delivered the first half of octubreCasado requires Sanchez to stop the threats of Torra or propose a new 155 Edmundo Bal

Edmundo Bal takes it out in a tense debate with the minister Delgado: Did you give the order to the Law?
The failure of the "procés" will be delivered the first half of octubreCasado requires Sanchez to stop the threats of Torra or propose a new 155

Edmundo Bal has dropped a foot in the policy. The State attorney has been released today in a control session to the Government —the first held after the elections of April 28— and, as demonstrated in rallies during the election campaign, moves like a fish in the water. His debut, quirks of fate, has been in a call for urgent directed to the minister of Justice , Dolores Delgado ; head of the department ceased to Bal of the cause of the "procés" when this revolted at the "stop watching" the State Advocacy the violence in the cause of separatist movements.

the reason for the inquiry, to the doors of the Supreme Court to decide on the judgment of the "procés", was the umpteenth chance that an opposition party provides to the Government to undertake to respect the judicial decision and not pardon to the leaders of the process pro-sovereignty . Slim did not answer any of the questions of Bal nor in his first intervention or in the turn of replica.

The now deputy spokesman of Cs in the Congress, with a "thorn" stuck that still hurts, took advantage of their face-to-face with the minister to re-open a wound still not closing. "You force remove the story of the acts the word violence. What was you responsible for?

what Gave the order to the State bar which has been lifted from his violence? What basis, what if you were not in the statement?", has inquired Bal from the tribune of the Congress.

The key appears or not the word "violence" in the various writings of accusation is that only if this occurred, justified the penalty petition by rebellion . Unlike the Otp , and that the popular accusation of Vox , the Law of the State finally did not ask for rebellion —neither has at the end of the trial— and has left what happened on the key dates of the "procés" in crimes of sedition and malfeasance of public funds.

Bal has asked the minister if he saw no violence on September 20, in the siege of the ministry of Economy Catalan during the registration of the Civil Guard, or during October 1 , in the referendum illegal of independence in which they tried to avoid police action.

Tone sudden the minister

"Welcome to this Chamber. I understand that you have to earn the seat, and it has been committed", has begun the minister with a knowing sneer, with a tone sharp that he has not given at any time of the interpellation. "There is not a single original argument that you have justified in your intervention that you hold the urgency of this challenge ," he continued, and he recalled, throwing balls outside, the PSOE supported the Government of Mariano Rajoy with the implementation of the article 155 of the Constitution when Catalan Parliament declared illegally the independence.

The minister has attacked after the deputy liberal throwing in the face of an alleged attempt to "interfering in the judiciary" with your inquiry. Has been pointed out that the pardon is a law, "you like it or not", which recognizes the Government the authority to grant this grace by "justice, equity, or public utility, but has refused to clarify whether it is partisan or not to grant it. According to her, given that the Supreme court can request that the government pardon after a conviction, would be attached to the high court if it was seized.

"do you Understand that it is of public utility to sell pardons in exchange for the investiture of Pedro Sanchez?" , you have been expected Bal, visibly upset with the jab of the minister for their alleged intent to influence the judges. "Do you, who have believed that are these seven brilliant judges of the Supreme Court? Do you think they get nervous? What can I influence them by a simple question? What are not the best judges of Spain?", loaded Bal, tearing applause from his caucus.

The "urgency" that you do not see the minister is in the threat of Quim Torra , president of the Generalitat of Catalonia. These past two weeks, the independence leader has threatened not to abide by the judgment —if it is of conviction— and with do "burn the street" if you do not absolve the political prisoners . "It emboldens", according to Bal, for the "impunity" of which you think you enjoy thanks to a socialist Government that has not condemned the second to last blackmail of the successor handpicked by the escaped Carles Puigdemont .

Citizens, "ally" of the independentistas

In an unexpected turn of script, the minister has charged to Cs —and the PP of step— be they those who "ally themselves" with the independents for having lying the State Budget . "Are you going to tell the pensioners, dependents, students, and goes on to tell you!", has cried out to the minister, the socialist; the most depraved in the history of democracy.

"he Says that we've partnered with the pro-independence, oh, us! The leaders of my party I have to put escort in Catalonia —has been replicated Bal—. He says that we've partnered with them for not passing Budgets. That is sectarianism pure".

Later, when Bal already had no option replication, Thin, has accused him of having asked to review the written accusation of the State attorney only for fear of "how would you pronounce Vox" . "You are on a connection with Ortega Smith —who has also wondered, without luck, to the minister for pardons—, is in connection with Vox," has settled. Time in which Bal has applied the word, something denied by the president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet , for being a debate, "regulated and with time".

Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 07:01

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