Honor presents Magic 3, his first phone on the margin of Huawei

Honor has presented this first high-end 'smartphone at its new stage as an independent company of Huawei, the new Honor Magic3, with the Snapdragon 888+ high-e

Honor presents Magic 3, his first phone on the margin of Huawei

Honor has presented this first high-end 'smartphone at its new stage as an independent company of Huawei, the new Honor Magic3, with the Snapdragon 888+ high-end processor, the most powerful Qualcomm, and access to services of Google in its three models: Magic3 standard, Pro and Pro +.

After the veto to Huawei that prevents Google's services from their new devices since mid-2019, the Asian giant sold its upgraded young honor at the end of 2020 so that it was constituted as independent and could continue using Google's services and Other American companies on their devices. The brand already announced that in August I would return to the Spanish market with a new strategy no longer focused on young people.

Honor has held an online event this Thursday in which he presented globally his new Magic3, the first high-end terminal that reaches his new independent catalog - provide the middle-range High Honor 50 series.

George Zhao, CEO of Honor, recalled at the event that the Honor Magic series debuted in 2016 as the first phone with the functions of IA, and has highlighted "the difficulties and challenge" that they assumed for the US veto mark.

Honor today has 10,000 employees in all the world, more than half of the Department of Research and Development, and 100 responsible laboratories of more than 5,500 patents. The brand is committed to continue developing as pillars of the mobile, security, performance, photography, telecommunications and design.

The mobile catalog of the brand will begin being divided into three families: on the one hand the main series of honor, as the new honor 50; the high range of honor Magic; And finally the mid-range Honor X.

The Chinese company has also announced its new brand image, with the slogan 'Go Beyond', and its new agreements with partners in more than 50 countries, including Spain, in which Honor will have a global presence again.

The new flagship Magic3 has adopted a philosophy of symmetric design for its two models: standard Magic3 and Magic3 Pro, in both cases with a main chamber surrounded by a circular module that follows the Aurea proportion.

Magic3 has a 6.76-inch OLED material screen with 86º curved edges and only 0.55mm edge at the top of the frame. It has a refresh rate of 120 Hz with 1,070 million colors and support for HDR10 + and DCI-P3.

The device has certification against water and IP68 dust, submersible to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Its design is inspired by the 'magical time' of sunset and dawn, in which it is already night but there is still natural light, with blue Blue Hour and Golden Hour. Classical versions in black and white are also added.

At the performance level, Honor Magic3 Pro works with the Snapdragon 888+ chip of five nanometers, the most powerful of Qualcomm, with power of up to 3.0 GHz and Sixth generation IA engine with improvements of up to 30 percent with respect to The previous one and multimodal neuronal networks. This is added support for 5G data.

As an honor phone system, it has bet on Turbo X, with 12.6 percent less response latency time than iPhone 12 Pro Max and protect performance for more time of use. Reducing only 3.8 percent performance after 36 months, while the Android average is above 36 percent.

The Magic3 memory system can support up to 19 open applications at the same time, compared to the average of 12 on Android. The GPU also provides a yield of 5.4 frames per second higher than iPhone 12 Pro Max with 53.9, and a temperature 0.5 degrees lower.

The heat dissipation system adopts a hexagonal graphene structure that achieves a thermal reduction up to 50 percent higher.

The download speed of the phone can reach 6.1 Gbps with WiFi 6, the highest figure so far, according to the brand. Magic3 also offers a battery of 4,600 mAh capacity, with support for fast load of 66W with cable and 50W wirelessly.

At the camera level, the Magic3 series offers in both models a 50MP main camera of the SONY IMX 766 model, with a pixel size of 1 / 1.56 inches and which has portraits in high dynamic range (HDR), function of Long exposure to capture the sky for example and macro mode.

Honor Magic3 Standard has a triple camera configuration also formed by an ultra wide angular lens of 13MP plus a monochrome sensor of 64MP.

Honor Magic3 Pro has a quad passage rear camera that adds 90mm focal distance periscopective telephoto camera, and also provides an optical zoom of 3.5x, 10x and digital hybrid that reaches 100 increases. The camera offers a 8x8 DTOF laser system that provides autofocus quickly.

On the other hand, the front camera is composed of two perforated sensors on the screen, with an ultra wide-angle 100 degrees of vision range and 3D functions focused on facial recognition with TOF lens. It also has support for active screen-based screen, which detects when the user looks at it so as not to go off.

In the video, Magic3 opts for a hybrid format between MP4 and the Raw Raw, with better quality but without an excessive file size, which allows more post-production options. Magiclog, on the other hand, is a sensor that provides a color depth of 10 bits, and cinematographic effects.

Magic3 offers directional audio zoom using three omnidirectional microphones that detect where the sound proceeds when making zooming. It has support for DTS-X and IMAX certifications Enhanced of cinemas, in the second of the cases for the first time in a smartphone.

As for the rest of the features, Magic3 works with the Magic Ui personalization layer based on Android, with three different topics based on ecology and call tones based on the honor song with different styles.

Enter three security features: a maintenance mode in which the sensitive information is closed to protect the user when the mobile is repaired; Elimination of photo information, such as location, when sharing themselves in social networks; and intelligent message concealment, so that chat notifications and calls are not visible when sharing screen.

The series has a third member, a premium version: honor Magic3 Pro +, with a slightly different design of the camera module with rounded hexagonal shape, with four image sensors.

Honor Magic3 Pro + offers screen and body formed by a curved nanocrystall with greater resistance, according to the brand. The rear has textures formed by laser in 54 processes, in two designs, in black and white ceramic color, with vertical stripes.

The Quadruple Camera is composed of four main cameras: an angular 50MP (SONY IMX 766), a second 64MP monochrome, a 64MP telephoto and other 64MP-ultra wide-angle-thumbnail the 13MPs. It has support for 8x8 TOF, improved night mode, and combination of eight pixels in one.

Honor Magic3 Pro + is available in a single configuration with 12GB of RAM and 512GB for a price of 1,499 euros.

For its part, Honor Magic3 is sold by 899 euros in an 8 + 256GB configuration, while Magic3 Pro, also 8 + 256GB, has a price of 1,099 euros.

Date Of Update: 05 September 2021, 09:42

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