Jorge Romanov: The Spanish Zar who wants to help in Russia

In Madrid, where he was born, all call him Jorge. But he is the heir of the Russian throne, Gueorgui Romanov, descendant of the last Zar, Nicolás II. He mar

Jorge Romanov: The Spanish Zar who wants to help in Russia

In Madrid, where he was born, all call him Jorge. But he is the heir of the Russian throne, Gueorgui Romanov, descendant of the last Zar, Nicolás II. He marries him with the Italian bride of him on October 1 at the Cathedral of San Isaac in St. Petersburg, which has one of the largest domes in the world.

Jorge Mijailovich Romanov is the only son of María Romanova, Head of the Russian Imperial House. Like the progenitor of him, he is very close to the Spanish royal family: they were at the wedding of his mother and in the christening of him. His relationship with the Kremlin is very cordial: "We do not enter politics, but we focus on culture and cooperation, we did not bother each other," explains Jorge Romanov to Loc at his spacious apartment on Arbat Street in Moscow, the pedestrian way. Tourist of the city.

For years, the Romanov has carried out work for cooperation in Russia. Jorge is also a consultant of companies, but together with the future wife of him years ago that have launched cooperation projects for children with cancer and minors affected by autism.

On the window sill observes the interview a photo of his mother, dressed as a true Tsarina. For the huge lounge she wanders a silent puppy but with a face of few friends. Jorge Romanov has been enthusiastic about the recovery of the history of the country that the Russian authorities undertook with the return of Vladimir Putin al Kremlin in 2012. "You have to maintain ties with culture, because this country has 1,000 years of history And in the schools until a few years ago in some regions the boys followed with Soviet manuals that began with the Russian Revolution. "

That's why they see the wedding as an opportunity to shine the Russian tradition: "We want to give a mission a little less frivolous to the link, we are going to use this event so that it looks like the beautiful of Russia, and also his workmanship, for that reason I'm going to wear a dress with some very traditional Russian things, the menu is going to be completely Russian ... we would like that for a day you talk about Russia internationally not for politics but by its history, its art and its culture ". He explains Victoria, who describes her dress as "a 'Joint Venture', with Italian style but with contributions of the best of Russia, which were complicated to perform because of the pandemic."

What if one day you have to reign? "I do not see it in my life, but it's something that the people should decide on their future, they have been educated to represent an important family, and I will always be willing to help my country," explains Jorge. She feels loved by all the Russians. Or by almost all: "In the fairy tale there always has to be a prince, and I already have it; the girl, who is me; the horse, we do not have it: and the bad, who is always".

This love story began in Brussels, where both worked in activities linked to the European Commission. Because of the pandemic he ended up asking him to marry at the Brussels Airport desert cafeteria. The only witness: "A horrible cappuccino," recalls Victoria, who looks proud: "It's exactly like that of my grandmother, who is 98 years old and lives in Rome."

Victoria Romanova was previously called Rebecca Virginia Bettarini. She became orthodoxy over a year ago: she happened at the San Pedro cathedral and Saint Paul of St. Petersburg, all supervised by the metropolitan of the city. She was born in Rome, being the daughter of her from diplomatic she grew up in places like Paris, Baghdad, Caracas, Brussels or Luxembourg. As a child, he played Princesses, "and then I met some prince, but I never thought I was going to marry one, and less with a prince of one of the world's most important families, with a story that we have all studied" .

Victoria's circle with Moscow was instantaneous, although in her life Russia and orthodox faith had gone long before. "When I was 18, my father was working hard with Russia, because he was commissioned by the government of Silvio Berlusconi to carry out international cooperation projects with Russia." One of them was the construction of the Orthodox Church of Rome, a project that has been standing for more than 100 years, and then I was fascinated by orthodox faith. "The conversion was" very natural, after all the sentences are the same , but in Slavus [Former Ecclesiastical Slavic] instead of Latin. "" Against what you can think, Russian orthodox are not so rigid. For example: the cures are married, if you tell them a family problem they understand you because they have a woman too, "explains Victoria.

Jorge Romanov 40, is a descendant of Nicolás II by mother and son of Francisco Guillermo de Prussia, belonging to the Hohenzollern dynasty and related to Queen Sofia. All the children of the Tsar died massacred in Ekaterinburg in 1918 at the hands of the Bolsheviks, but the saga continues - in his case - from the descendants of one of the uncles of the last Zar, Vladimir. His son was called Kirill Vladimirovich and was Nicolás II's cousin's cousin. When the royal family was murdered, he proclaimed himself "Tsar of all Russias" in exile. The year the revolution exploded, that convulsed 1917, another Vladimir was born, Jorge's grandfather. From this succession of Zares without a crown proceeds Jorge, the Romanov more Spanish and Campechano that has been seen to date.

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