Municipal in Italy: Record of abstention and second round to decide the mayors of Rome and Turin

The municipal elections ended on Monday with results aimed at leaving a wide range of political discussions and negotiations during the next few days. In Mila

Municipal in Italy: Record of abstention and second round to decide the mayors of Rome and Turin

The municipal elections ended on Monday with results aimed at leaving a wide range of political discussions and negotiations during the next few days. In Milan, Naples and Bologna The left center won in first round (in Milan with a historical result) while in Rome and Turin there will be a second vote. In Calabria, who celebrated regional elections, won the right center. As for participation, it is collapsed at levels never seen.

In summary: The center-left can already celebrate its three eligible mayors directly in the first round: Beppe Room in Milan, Matteo Lepore in Bologna and Gaetano Manfredi in Naples. However, Rome and Turin are still in doubt, while Calabria turns to the center right. Participation was very low everywhere: only 54.7% of the owners (Viminale data) came to vote, compared to 61.6% that did it in 2016 (in addition, that year the voting only lasted a day). In the big cities, almost one in two voters stayed at home. Only in Calabria, where the governor was voted, there has been no decline.

The progressive beppe room achieved another record in Milan. Sala obtained 57.7%, clearly advancing Luca Bernardo, the candidate of the right center, which obtained 32 percent. For him a historical result: Regarding 2016, he obtained reconfirmation without even going to the polls. In Milan, the Democratic Party, with 33.8%, obtained more votes than those of the League (10,7), Brothers of Italy (9,7) and Forza Italia (7.1) added; An exceptional result that allows room to speak of "historical result" and claim 53,000 extra votes that he obtained compared to 2016 (224,156 then, 277.478 this year), which also certify a victory against abstention.

In Naples and Bologna, the Alliance between the Democratic Party and the five-star movement was decisive, with the common candidate triumphazing at the polls. In Naples, the new mayor is the former Minister of Universities Gaetano Manfredi, who with 62.9% of the votes has beaten his right center rival, Casello Maresca (21.9%). Manfredi, as mentioned above, was the candidate validated by both parties (PD and M5E), which makes Naples in the main laboratory of this progressive alliance. The Union between the PD and the M5E also resulted in the victory of Matteo Lepore (61.9%) in Bologna (North), with respect to the candidate of the center right, Fabio Battistini (29.6).

In Rome and Turin, on the other hand, where the PD roads and the 5-star movement had separated, the M5e has lost its two mayors at the same time. Within two weeks, the candidate of Right Center Enrico Michetti (30.2%) will return to dispute the mayor of the capital with the Central left of Roberto Gualtieri (27%). The outgoing mayor Virginia Raggi (19.1%) and Carlo Calenda, independent and who exceeded Raggi (19.8%) were rejected but could be fundamental in the negotiations. The accounts would come out if all the rivals of Meloni and Salvini were united, but its electorate is very divided and a part will be decanted by Michetti. Raggi, angry, will not concessions to Gualtieri and prepare to lead the opposition to whom she wins. But it is difficult to imagine that the new leader of the 5-star Giuseppe Conte does not position themselves by its former Minister of Economy, Gualtieri. And Calenda, although in disagreement with the Democratic Party, could support Gualtieri, whom he considers incomparably better than Michetti, without asking the voters from him as well.

Also in Turin, where five years ago, mayor of the M5S, Chiara Appendino, Stefano Lo Russo (43.5%) from the Centro-Alld and Paolo Damilano (38.9%) of the Centerway will compete for the Favorite position. The 5 star candidate, Valentina Sgaga was third, far away (9%). What could happen in second round? The game is very open because the Russo has firmly opposed Appendino and, in addition, it is unlikely that the Grocery Regidor Chiara Appendino has a gesture of thaw. Everything will depend on the "orientation" of the vote that the M5E does.

Waiting for the verdicts of Rome and Turin on October 18, the right center can be consoled with Calabria, where he won the Forza Candidate Italy Roberto Occhiuto, backed by Silvio Berlusconi. Occhiauto took 54.4%,, much higher than 27.6% obtained by Amalia Bruni (center left) and 16.1% of Luigi de Magistris, former magistrate and outgoing mayor of Naples (left) that I was looking for these Elections A new job in Calabria.

You have to also talk about the abstention: an impressive figure. General participation was 54.69%, a negative record. In particular, it was lower in Naples (47.19%), Turin (48.06: In 2016, 57.2% of voters were reached) and Milan (47.6, against 54.7% in 2016 and 67.6% in 2011), the lowest data in history. In Rome he voted only 48.83%: in 2016 he had reached 57%. A negative record was also recorded in Bologna, where for the first time since the war the mayor was elected for just over 50% of the electorate.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 18:26

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