New Kia XCeed: great interior space and cargo, as well as a remarkable ride comfort

Hybrid versions plug-in to the Kia XCeed and Ceed TourerNuevo and-Soul: new image, power and range of up to 452 kilómetrosKia reveals the first images of its ne

New Kia XCeed: great interior space and cargo, as well as a remarkable ride comfort
Hybrid versions plug-in to the Kia XCeed and Ceed TourerNuevo and-Soul: new image, power and range of up to 452 kilómetrosKia reveals the first images of its new small SUV

The Kia XCeed is the new crossover utility vehicle (CUV), urban the south Korean manufacturer, which combines the functionality of a compact SUV with great space for occupants and their luggage, with the proportions of sporting and conduction of a tourism. Your gear is secure and comfortable and the driving position provides a perspective more dominant on the road than a conventional tourism. At the same time, the set of devices of advanced security, connectivity and infotainment of the XCeed will become one of the most advanced models technically in the segment of the CUV; and thanks to their turbocharged engines, it is also one of the most efficient .

Elegant and expressive

With a stylish design, expressive and modern, the new Kia XCeed becomes a sporty alternative to the SUV traditional. In the rear, new LED created a signature light and sleek technology which, when seen from certain angles, extends up to the shoulders of the car. The eye-catching pleats that run horizontally on the tailgate and the bumper give the car a more plant wide and stable. Also, the body and the driving position high also gives the vehicle a solid look and feel very appealing to the traditional buyer of an SUV.

In the interior, this new model keeps the style of the interior of the other variants of the Ceed, with a console carved and slightly oriented to the driver. With a waist point somewhat lower than that of an SUV but higher than that of a conventional tourism, the Kia XCeed provides drivers with a set of sporty driving that also allows a better view of the road.

A system of infoentretenimeinto with touch screen "floating" highlights on the dashboard, which at its bottom has a series of buttons and indicators for volume control of the audio, heating and ventilation. With a provision of ergonomic and functional, these controls have been designed to allow the driver quick changes and intuitive inside the car without taking your eyes off the road more than necessary.

The Kia XCeed, you will be able to have an exclusive way of package interior in yellow shade , with a black upholstery combined with a vivid yellow at the seams of the doors and on the seats with a unique design in the form of honeycomb, in the contours of the seats and a combination of gloss black with details in yellow metal throughout the dashboard.

What is also highlighted in this model is its cargo volume, that positions in 426 litres, 31 more than the Ceed, and on par with compact SUVS sold in Europe. With the rear seats folded down, the cargo volume increases up to 1.378 litres . The versatility is also ensured thanks to the rear seats split 60:40, the tailgate Smart Power Tailgate) and a boot floor that can be placed in two levels, down to provide more volume or upwards to have a space lower load hidden.

Several alternatives to meet the needs

The new XCeed will be by a range of turbocharged engines of regime high, which gives customers a number of alternatives with which to meet their needs. This range consists of three petrol engines turbo charged with direct injection 120 HP and 140 HP. Also will be available on the T-GDi 1.6 l of the Ceed GT and ProCeed GT to the more powerful version of the range XCeed. With a power of 204 HP, fits perfectly with the ability of the car to operate in traffic conditions very different . It will also be available with two power options Smartstream, the diesel engines cleaner than ever has been produced by the brand and the consumer more economic in the range. With 115 HP or 136 HP.

At the beginning of 2020 will launch a hybrid, plug-in low emissions, which will incorporate a battery of 8.9 kWh of lithium-ion polymer, an electric motor 44,5 kW and an efficient gasoline engine 1.6 "Kappa" four-cylinder. Staffed with 141 HP and an electric range of up to 60 km, depending on the size of the wheel. This will allow the drivers to make the vast majority of their daily trips in electric-only mode .

During a driving test by the roads and urban of Berlin, this new CUV has been a surprise. Has a height that's comfortable for driving and a driving position is totally oriented to the driver and intuitive. Its handling is stable and agile on any road, even the most narrow of the city. That yes, without losing one iota of that interior space and load as expected for drivers who are looking for a perfect vehicle for the day-to-day , and that also allows them to travel.

Among the cars more technological in its class

The set of advanced technologies for safety, connectivity and infotainment Kia XCeed makes it one of the most advanced models and equipped in its category. The range of devices has been designed to make the driving more safe and comfortable .

The Kia XCeed is among the first vehicles in Europe to offer the innovative telematics system, UVO Connect Kia, designed to take driving to a new era. UVO Connect connect drivers with their surroundings to provide them with valuable information through the touch screen of the car or your smartphone. Along with the services of Kia Live, and the wide-screen optional TFT LCD 10,25 inches (26 cm), the system uses its own card apud esim to collect and update data in real-time during the march. This includes updated traffic information, weather forecasts, points of interest and details about possible places to park on the street or in car parks (such as price, location, and availability).

The second element UVO Connect, provides the diagnostic data of UVO Connect, on the cars of the customers and the routes you made, makes it possible for drivers to send destination to the car before the trip or to check the location of the vehicle at all times.

The Kia XCeed provides access to a wide range of security technologies and driving assistance. Among them are adaptive cruise control with stop function and start automatic system of detection of the dead angle (Blind-spot Collision Warning), warning of frontal collision (Forward Collision Warning) with pedestrian detection, recognition of speed limits (Intelligent Speed Limit Warning), automatic assistance when parking (Smart Parking Assist), assistant of maintenance of the lane (Lane Keeping Assist) and assistant dynamic high beam lights (High Beam Assist). The detector of fatigue of the driver of the Kia XCeed (Driver Attention Warning) advises him to take a break if it is showing signs of fatigue. Finally, the assistance for the follow-up of the lane (Lane Following Assist LFA) is also available as the technology driving autonomous Level 2, which controls the acceleration, braking and steering. The system LFA monitors the vehicles ahead, it keeps the car within its lane and a safe distance from them.

Like all Kia sales in Europe, the Kia XCeed is equipped with stability management of the vehicle (Vehicle Stability Management). This is a help in braking and curve that you can activate activates the electronic stability control (Electronic Stability Control ESC) if it detects a loss of adhesion.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2019, 19:02

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