One of the CDR detainees led a list of municipal CKD

The response of the CDR to the arrests: "it Starts the revolt,"Seven of the nine members of the CDR detainees expected in Madrid his move to the provision of

One of the CDR detainees led a list of municipal CKD
The response of the CDR to the arrests: "it Starts the revolt,"Seven of the nine members of the CDR detainees expected in Madrid his move to the provision of the National Audience,

One of the detainees in the operation of the Civil Guard against a group of people linked to the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) accused of forming an organization of tipó terrorist led an application to the municipal CKD 2011 . This is in particular of Xavier "Txevi" Buigas, who in 2011 headed the list of the republicans of the town of Folgueroles (Barcelona), where he was mayor during that term, achieving to double the representation of the party, going from one to two city councillors. The leader of ERC Oriol Junqueras, now in remand prison waiting to know the verdict at the trial of the "procés", attended the presentation of the candidacy of Buigas.

Defined as a person very involved with independence and the associative life of this town –is a similar profile to the rest of the detainees,–, his arrest occurred not, however in the farmhouse in which he had installed few months ago with his family in the municipality of SantPere de Torrelló (Barcelona), and which was also recorded by agents of the Armed Institute within the operating released Monday. Buigas now works for the Barcelona Provincial council within the space of natural guilleries mountains-Savassona, one of the twelve, who manages the entity, supra-municipal, according to the mayor of Folgueroles, who said Buigas "not find anything" because it is "a man of peace." Unlike its discretion, and for all the independence activities, the research supports that Buigas, with the other eight detainees, I would have created a parallel group emanated from the structure of the CDR, but this already with terrorist targets.

"political Purpose"

The reaction of the mayor of Folgueroles was similar to that of all the secesionismo, that is, a subscriber to the theory of mounting police, stressed the role of people involved socially of the detainees. In fact, and in a letter sent to president Pedro Sanchez, Quim Torra, chief executive, Catalan, said that "on Monday we woke up in Catalonia with the noise of blows of the door of the Guardia Civil in the house of the people committed to their society." Without even admit the possibility that effectively the detainees had intended to commit violent actions, Torra pointed out in his letter that these "were arrested and accused of terrorism in an operation judicial-political-media". "I want to convey my outrage and that of all the government of Catalonia, as well as a very important part of the citizenship Catalan, a further example of the use of the apparatus of the State for a political purpose of part", said the head of the regional government in the letter destined for the Palace of the Moncloa. On the other hand, the "president" loaded against what it calls "pre-emptive arrests" and states that violate the rule of Law.

it Is the same Round that the October 1, 2018 –on the first anniversary of the referendum illegal– praised the actions of the CDR and to a group that manifested itself before him, denouncing the inaction of the government they jaleó ensuring that "you do well to tighten". That same afternoon, a group of protesters tried to storm the Catalan Parliament, one of the objectives precisely with that also I would be working with the group broken up on Monday, according to assured sources of research.

In this line, in the same misva, Torra considered that the operation on Monday by the Civil Guard seeks to "invent a false narrative of violence in Catalonia". The pro-independence "has been, is and will be a" movement "peaceful non-violent" that seeks to achieve the independence is always by democratic means, he added Torrra.

Also in defense of the CDR came out yesterday the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Joan Canadell: "I Know many employers (some very large!) that have collaborated in the CDR and I am clear that there is no violent spirit".

In fact, the parties pro-independence left yesterday on barrage to denounce what they feel is an attempt to criminalize the movement. The same Monday there were demonstrations to protest against the detentions. In one of them, in front of a barracks of the GuardiaCivil in Barcelona, we ended up chanting: "Pim pam pum, that there is not one".

Date Of Update: 26 September 2019, 07:01

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