Putin blow to the Military Aid of West to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin climbed this Sunday a step over the staircase to internationalize his invasion of Ukraine, and involve other actors in the conflict caused by his

Putin blow to the Military Aid of West to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin climbed this Sunday a step over the staircase to internationalize his invasion of Ukraine, and involve other actors in the conflict caused by his unilateral aggression, when attacking the Russian army, with eight cruise missiles launched from Belarus, one of the Main military training centers of the west of the country, the Yavoriv, killing 35 people and wounding at 134.

The basis, called International Center for the Maintenance of Peace and Safety, 360 square kilometers of surface area and located just 25 kilometers from the border with Poland, already country NATO, has regularly welcomed the Ukrainian army exercises along with others From countries of the Atlantic Alliance - for the last time last September.

Not only that: Anglo-Saxon media, including The Guardian, speculate with the possibility that at the moment being used both to channel the arrival from weapons to the country chaired by Volodimir Zelensky, as for the formation of volunteers who Ukraine is training A forced marches to repel the Russian attack.

According to the version of the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the bombing of Yavoriv died "more than 180 foreign mercenaries". Hours before the attack, the Kremlin had advanced that it declared "legitimate objective" any Western Help route to the country that Putin has invaded, and that it is immodisingly bombing in its areas of the East and the Center.

The launch of the missiles and the massacre in Yavoriv, whose number of victims is not yet closed, which gives an idea of the devastation produced by the impacts, seems to respond to that logic: trying to point out who can help Ukraine to face the Invasor, which even with a media power enormously superior to the invaded, at the moment is needing the body to the body to move forward, and still is costing it.

The attack, which occurred at 5:45 o'clock in the morning of this Sunday, and in which Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses managed to repel into the air up to a fortnight of missiles, involved in any case one more step in what military experts call The escalation of the conflict: Attacking almost next to NATO, a base where the countries of the Alliance have performed exercises, and that could now be serving supply for the Kiev regime.

In passing, Putin also searched with that movement, on the one hand, tacitly threaten Poland, who goes hand in hand with Ukraine and as a hinge with the West in this crisis - one of the obvious objectives of the Russian President is to avoid the Ukrainian approach to the Western democracies, to prevent similar velecities in Russia itself -, and, on the other, put on the goal west of Ukraine, until now practically intact and making normal life, in contrast to the brutal punishment that is receiving the rest of the country.

Thus, the Russian offensive took place, when we entered the nineteenth day of the invasion, just 40 kilometers from leiscolis (700,000 inhabitants), the cultural capital of Ukraine and without a doubt its great city less prorrus, in whose historical center, heritage Of humanity, the inhabitants were forced to descend to the bunkers, and where it is silent the feeling that, later or earlier, the horror that the rest of the country is going to end up arriving.

Russia is warning, without a hurry but without pause, in recent days, to LEÓPOLIS: First attacked the city of Lutsk, north, then Ivano-Frankivsk, south (and close to Moldova), and now Yavoriv, east, together To Poland. Putin is marking the territory that for him forms, as he has expressed in recent years without ambages, which should be the vital area of Russian influence in Ukraine, a country that wants as little neutral, and who was seeing, from before before The revolt of the Maidan in 2014, escorting irremediably towards the European Union and Western democracies, far from the authoritarianism that emanates from Moscow.

Russian media, in addition, had repeatedly pointed out the basis of Yavoriv as a covert NATO installation on Ukrainian soil, accusation that has always been denied by Kiev. What is more plausible, according to Anglo-Saxon means, is that the place was being used by Ukraine to receive the supply of anti-aircraft and antitank missiles that the United States and the European Union are facilitating the Government of Volodimir Zelensky, whose requests for aid to the community International have a more desperate tone every time.

The strategy of climbing performed by Putin is seen with concern in the West, who has to millimetrically measure his steps to not give the Kremlin what international observers believe that he seeks: justifications to socialize the conflict.

Southwest of Ukraine, Russian bombings destroyed this Sunday "totally", according to his mayor, Pavlo Kyrylenko, the city of Volnovakha (21,000 inhabitants), in the area near Mariupol, whose inhabitants have fled in mass and that would have been taken by forces Prorrusse separatists.

In its twelfth day of siege, Mariupol (445,000 inhabitants) continues to show, according to satellite images cited by various means, an important degree of material destruction, with more than 2,100 civilians died by Russian attacks, which earned this Sunday even an appeal From Pope Francis that Moscow put an end to the "massacre" and "unacceptable armed attack in Ukraine".

Kiev also internationally denounced that Russia not only bombard civilian zones, but makes it difficult to access humanitarian aid to the most attacked areas: it was claimed, for example, that a humanitarian convoy sent to MariUpol from Zaporiyia was more than five hours blocked in a Checkpoint Russian.

It must be remembered that the inhabitants of Mariupol, a port city located in the Sea of Azov, have practically those 12 days of Numantina resistance without light, with little heating, with little water and serious food deficiencies - which has caused conflicts between the population- , in a situation that according to doctors without borders precedes the humanitarian catastrophe.

The Turkish Government asked this Sunday to help Russia to be able to repatriate its nationals in the place, and Kremlin himself did not have an embarrassment in admitting, by the mouth of General Mihail Mizintsev, who "in some cities [Ukrainian attacked by the Russian army] Situation has reached catastrophic proportions ", attributing, however, responsibility for" Ukrainian nationalists ", and ignoring that it is Russia who causes damage according to all parts with the exception of Kremlin.

Two people also died in Odessa (990,000 inhabitants), a city that awaits the Assault of the Russian Army Acantonia in neighboring Mikolaiv, 100 kilometers east, and where an AFP journalist recorded damages in two health centers caused by Russian bombings. And around Kiev, the capital, the attacks of the Putin army continued with the purpose of ending the city, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine is heading towards its fourth week in clear up pending.

Date Of Update: 13 March 2022, 22:46

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