Red and yellow garments, the sign of Afghan collaborators to identify as Spaniards in Kabul

"The best tribute we can make to our men and women deceased in Afghanistan is to bring everyone that we can. Do not leave anyone behind." The Minister of De

Red and yellow garments, the sign of Afghan collaborators to identify as Spaniards in Kabul

"The best tribute we can make to our men and women deceased in Afghanistan is to bring everyone that we can. Do not leave anyone behind." The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, committed this Sunday to evacuate all Afghans who have collaborated with Spain in Afghanistan. Complex work and for which the Government is performing efforts with the aim of expanding the frequency of flights into the country in the coming days, using as a Dubai scale.

This greater frequency of flights will depend to a large extent on the capabilities of Kabul Airport, which for a week has a much higher than usual demand and only an operational track. But it is not the only problem. In the surroundings of the aerodrome, a 20,000 people who try to flee the Taliban regime have been crowded. Many of them are not related to any other country, but they wait hoping to be admitted to some plane.

The collaborators of Spain and their families wave, as a sign, handkerchiefs and red and yellow garments while shouting the name of the country with the objective of, between the crowd, be seen by the Spanish operation sent to the place: "Spain! Spain! "

"That they do not desist, that they wait at the doors that are told," he ordered oaks to Afghans who remain in Kabul. "It's very emotional to see them screaming Spain, Spain! With the Spanish flag and wanting to enter" at the airport, said the minister, remarkably excited, during his visit this Sunday to the Air Base of Torrejón, in Madrid, where there were two new flights With 177 passengers on board: 110 collaborators of Spain and another 67 cooperators of the North American forces.

The situation in Afghan capital said, is "chaotic", and the efforts of the army, "without rest". Robles highlighted the number of full families and children arriving at Torrejón. Among the passengers who will land in the next few hours are two women who are "about" to give birth, so the medical team has been strengthened in Kabul, Dubai and on board the A-400m with which they are performed Evacuations.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, the operation that coordinates the exit of Spanish collaborators in the midst of chaos that is lived at the airport is working. A device formed by four diplomats, a score of police of the Panel of Operations (GEO) and the Police Intervention Unit (UIP), as well as 110 military.

The defense minister highlighted and praised the "sacrifice, abnegation and effectiveness" of the armed forces and their work before this "dramatic situation" who lives Afghanistan after the collapse of the democratic regime. An operation in which the humanitarian role is playing by the Spanish army has allowed Spain to be consolidated as the main host gate of Afghan refugees and collaborators from other countries at European level. For "security" reasons, Robles justified that in recent days the executive has not "appeared a lot" or that he has done it in a "limited" manner.

The opposition does not buy this argument and requests the appearance of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in the Congress of the Members to detail the plan of Spain in this crisis. The President of the Committee on Rights and Guarantees of the Popular Party, Andrea Levy, which this Sunday emphasized its approval as "Spain is responding" to the crisis, asked Sánchez to leave "the photos and the tips" and go to the lower house To respond to the rest of the parliamentary groups on the evacuation protocol and other issues that already mark the beginning of the political course, such as the non-accompanied Moroccan Minor Protocol from Ceuta or the historical rise in the price of light.

"More crisis, we have had worse government," Levy considered the absence of Sánchez in recent weeks, when these issues have scored today. "We celebrated that Pedro Sánchez has reappeared and has passed from his vacation in La Moncloa's vacation in that Saturday appearance, but we asked him to walk a few more steps towards the Congress of the Deputies, which is where he should face and give explanations "Levy reproached. "There can not be simply phrases and proclaims that are well in an appearance without a strategy."

The phone call between Sánchez and US President Joe Biden, was positively received by the popular, who have emphasized that Spain's commitment to Afghanistan is a "question of state", so they celebrated that, after almost a week of silence , the executive has overcome that "initial laziness".

"It will always like Spain to be on the first line of all countries and that the president of the United States takes us into account," said the Minister of Education and Spokesman for the Government of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ossoria.

Date Of Update: 22 August 2021, 15:42

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