Ridley Scott: Many cameras, many projects and a lot of bad grape

He has directed more than 2,500 television ads, 27 feature films and is the producer of about 100 titles between series, documentaries and movies. And that ev

Ridley Scott: Many cameras, many projects and a lot of bad grape

He has directed more than 2,500 television ads, 27 feature films and is the producer of about 100 titles between series, documentaries and movies. And that even though he did not lead his first film, the duelists, until 40.

Now, at its 84 springs, Ridley Scott can not (or want) to stop. He says it, with pride and without looking back: "You can not stop, uncle. You can never stop. Once you stop, you may not be able to get rid up again, "he said in a recent interview published in the Guardian newspaper.

The English filmmaker, capable of the best and the worst, deadly cinematographic father creatures of outer space, androids with metaphysical concerns and weapons heroines, is an unstoppable force of the audiovisual industry.

With the pandemic, most directors delayed their projects, shooting and premieres, but Ridley Scott is not one of those who become achanted: In just 20 months he managed to shoot and release in cinemas two overproductions as the last duel, epic on the Misoginia and justice in medieval France, and the Gucci house, past melodrama over the famous Italian fashion family.

One of the keys for such productivity is well greased that the machinery of your company is, Ridley Scott Creative Group, with 80 employees among whom your child is, also director Luke Scott, and the work with Multicámara that he uses from thelma & Louise and have ended up converting into a whole symphony with him handling the baton.

As an account at The Hollywood Reporter, she started rolling with six cameras, so as not to repeat the sequences or technicians or the actors and lose freshness along the way, and from Blackhawk shot down (2001) it does it up to 11 at a time. While he is responsible for carrying one of the cameras, he gives orders to the other operators to refund without losing any detail of the action.

If we join that the last duel is the same story told from three different points of view, the purest Rashomon style, time saving and, therefore, money is more than considerable. Precisely, that is why it is so valued among the executives of the industry, for their ability to stick to the calendar and the budget.

There are those who also sees their two recent movies, and maybe it does not lack reason, as an unparalleled parade of wigs, accents, hairstyles and costumes, which more proportion. The last duel stuck a good bump at the box office because of the Millennials, according to Scott ("they do not want anyone to show them anything unless they are told from the mobile"), and the Gucci house achieved greater popular repercussion, prizes and Nominations included, but aroused the goals of the Famiglia. "They have the best actors in the world interpreting them, they should feel fucked lucky," Ridley tied.

Definitely, it is not for jokes.

At this point, who can reproach any excess to the alien director, the eighth passenger or Blade Runner? Of course, not journalists. When you were as reckless to tell you in an interview that the last duel was more realistic than the Kingdom of Heaven or Robin Hood, Scott did not take it as a compliment. "Fuck you. Fuck you. Thanks a lot. Fuck you. Fuck off. Keep going".

This is what the octogenarian most hyperactive of current cinema is spent.

Now, his name reappears as a producer in the credits of the second season of Raised by Wolves, which arrives at HBO Max. Little matter that after the first two chapters of the series, which directed Scott himself, the thing left as mother and became the most similar to the prequel of a Crossover of a B series spin-off between Alien and Blade Runner.

Androids, horror, religion, prophecies, extraterior creatures-three ... everything removed, not mixed. And very indigent. The important thing is that it is associated with its name, as well as the imminent premiere of death in the Nile. And in an industry in which the fundamental are appearances and the premium amount on quality, which relate to Ridley Scott is already A sign of distinction.

And more than there will be: 15 titles between movies and series as a producer and four as director, including Kitbag, Biopic on Napoleon, and the Gladiator sequel. Ridley Scott remains for a while.

Date Of Update: 08 February 2022, 07:08

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