Robert Mugabe will be buried at a national shrine

The tyrant Mugabe, declared a national hero after his muerteMuere Mugabe, the hero of african independence that became tiranoRobert Mugabe: the fall of one of t

Robert Mugabe will be buried at a national shrine
The tyrant Mugabe, declared a national hero after his muerteMuere Mugabe, the hero of african independence that became tiranoRobert Mugabe: the fall of one of the african leaders most relevant

The family of Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwean government have fought an intense and uncomfortable tug of war over the past few days about when and where to bury the hero become a dictator. According to the latest information, Mugabe will finally be buried in the sanctuary of the Acre of Heroes in Harare , reserved for those who fought against the government of the white minority and where he rests his first wife Sally Hayfron.

Saturday is expected that several african heads of state, among them the south african Cyril Ramaphonsa and Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, to attend a state ceremony at the National Stadium in Sports. Subsequently, your body will be transferred to the village of Zvimba. For the moment, nothing is known about the details of the funeral. The family Mugabe said Friday that it will take about 30 days to complete the construction of a monument in his honor, which "will allow enterrarle as the head of state" . "The building is his legacy. The government is serious. The family asked them: How do we defend his legacy? Then they said they were designing something in your honor", explained the spokesman of the family, Leo Mugabe on Friday night. He also explained that the body of his uncle will go to Zvimna that his people will give up their last respect and then return to Harare on until the burial. The nephew of Mugabe acknowledged that things could have been done better and lamented the confusion caused in relation to the arrangements of the funeral.

Confusion and tension

there will be No burial private and family in the rural district of Zvimba, as they wanted the relatives of the recently deceased, Robert Mugabe. There will be no state funeral on Sunday, as announced by the government of Zimbabwe. The details of the funeral of the former leader have in the air to a country that lives stunned the pulse of power between the administration Emmerson Mnangagwa, and the family of Mugabe. Apparently, these recent, very bitter over the military coup that overthrew the president two years ago, would have finally agreed to the pressures of the government of Zimbabwe and would have accepted acquaintance of Mugabe in the Acre of Heroes.

a Few hours after his death, the current president of the country was granted the status of national hero, the highest honor of Zimbabwe; what made it eligible to be buried at the national shrine. However, by that time the plans of the family were very different. " we do Not want to let the public, we don't want you to know where you are going to be buried , " he said on Thursday, Leo Mugabe, nephew of the deceased and family spokesperson. This accused, in addition, the government of forcing them to accept a program for the funeral and the burial that contradicts the wishes of the deceased statesman.

Mugabe did not want his death was exploited by his successors for political purposes . However, in a new unexpected turn in Leo Mugabe explained Friday why not fulfill the last will of his uncle: "The dead do not make these decisions, are the live who take them". Behind this twist could be that the demands to the government of Zimbabwe, which would include, among other things, allow Mugabe allies who are in exile to return to the country.

The final decision found out the former zimbabwean at the national shrine was produced after consultation with the influential traditional chiefs , who will also be able to fire the "father of Zimbabwe" after the ceremony, scheduled for this weekend. The place chosen to bury his remains is a shrine located on a summit of a prominent hill that has an imposing sculpture of guerrillas. Its construction at the hands of architects zimbabweans, and north koreans was supervised by the Mugabe. During his 37 years in power, he decided who of his old comrades deserved the honor of to be buried there, and those who do not .

Neither cumplío another of the wills of Mugabe: that his wife, Grace, were at all times with his body until the time of the burial, which will be funded by the state . His widow was not present at the Rufaro stadium in harare on Friday while thousands of fellow citizens are laying off that outside of its president.

Stampede with injuries

the body of The veteran political leader arrived on Wednesday to Zimbabwe from Singapore in a private jet hired by the government. The coffin was received by the guard of honour military and by dozens of supporters who came to the country's main airport. The next day, thousands of zimbabweans came to the stadium of Football Rufaro in the township of Mbare (Harare), where Mugabe was sworn in as the first leader of Zimbabwe in 1980 , to pay their respects as his hero. During the day there was a stampede that ended with dozens injured, and a harsh intervention of the forces of law and order . Some attendees invaded the field, bypassing the police cordon to get closer to see the former leader, an action that dampened the grieving that until then had been characterized by singing and drumming traditional songs of mourning. The farewell popular continued on the same stage on the Friday; the government strengthened considerably the security measures for that not to come back to repeat the chaos of the previous day.

Mugabe, one of the last "Big Men" of african politics, died a week ago at the age of 95 in a private hospital of Singapore where he received treatment since April. The hero turned tyrant was overthrown by his own army in November of 2017.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 15:01

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