Rocío Carrasco, the unique daughter to whom his adoptive sister Gloria Camila demands

Rocío, tell the truth to continue alive ended June 2. The daughter of Rocío Jurado had put on the female of war against the ex-husband of her and much of her

Rocío Carrasco, the unique daughter to whom his adoptive sister Gloria Camila demands

Rocío, tell the truth to continue alive ended June 2. The daughter of Rocío Jurado had put on the female of war against the ex-husband of her and much of her maternal family. But there was still more. In the last program, the progress of a new DocuSerie was issued, in the name of Rocío. This time, the crusade would go against the surroundings of the singer, which made the alarms of the Ortega and the Mohedano jump.

"Two months after the death of Jurado dew and after the exit of Ortega Cano of his home of La Moraleja, his daughter Rocío entered his mother's room, there he discovered the secret diary of the biggest and many other very compromising documents" , I prayed the bait of the new program. The word 'daily' and the fact that Carrasco will find it and I did not receive him from his mother's hand, he gave the key to Gloria Camila to start a legal process that would allow him to see those documents, since, although his sister is the heiress Universal of the properties of his mother, he is not his thoughts.

Last Friday, Rociito was forced to deliver, by judicial sentence, the documents with which the DocuSerie had been recorded. At the departure of the court, she expressed the sorrow of her and let out a pullite for her to be her stepfather: "I thought to meet Ortega Cano". That phrase gave rise to speculation in the press: "Does it think that her sister is being manipulated?" "Is there still affection between them?"

The second question answered Rocío Carrasco himself in his first DocuSerie. "I love them a lot (Gloria Camila and José Fernando), but the central figure is still at the middle of all the relationships she could have. (...) is the most important reason."

However, it may, directly, the relationship with them never get to Calar. LOC has had access to the psychosocial report commissioned by the Court of Violence on the Women of Alcobendas for Rocío Carrasco, the same from the documentary, and she draws attention a detail: she twice she is defined as a unique daughter. First, in its personal characteristics: "It lacks brothers, being a unique daughter of the marriage relationship of her parents" and, later, in the psychological assessment: "She is a unique daughter, her parents separated when she had 9 years old ". However, she here is nuanced: "She has two brothers adopted per maternal line." The report makes differentiation between the concept that she has of her family and the relationships that were later drawn up with the second marriage of her mother, whom she, she practically ignores in the document. She from her childhood speaks like this: "She refers that her parents transmitted great values, such as honesty, sincerity, integrity, respect for the elderly, not hurtingly hurt, humility and family values."

This supplement has been contacted with Gloria Camila to know his opinion on everything, without success. She is centered on her actress career and she does not give statements to the press, beyond a canutaz on the street. You have to be referred at the beginning of 2020, when to see you again, she explained: "I would have had a conversation with her years ago, but not because I have my life".

José Fernando, on the other hand, remains away from the spotlights due to his health problems. The couple of him, Michu, gave some statements a week when she confessed that he was seeing the documentary of his sister, but he did not want to go into detail. "José Fernando has always had and will have a great affection for Rocío Carrasco," he revealed at that moment the one about to become his wife.

Returning the Decor De Rocío Carrasco and what is released from the report, his crusade may go against Ortega Cano and not against his brothers. In fact, when she talked about the adoption in the documentary, she did so: "My mother had the stage covered in motherhood, but Joseph did not. I was happy because she was happy, making Joseph feel good."

LOC has contacted Ana María Aldón, Couple del Torero, to know its opinion about it. He kindly answers that she can not give more information than he has already contributed on Monday in Viva Life. There, she pulled her face out of her husband and she made it very clear that the one who has started the crusade against Rocío Carrasco is "Gloria Camila Ortega". "She has the right to know what her mother left, before she makes him public, also showing up," she sentenced.

At the moment, the issuance of the program also. The newspapers are in judicial power. It seems that many more chapters of the DocuSerie remain in which they are converting real life itself.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 07:44

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