SECRET STORY: Miguel Frigenti, Luca Onestini and Sandra Pica, new nominees

Secret Story contestants faced a new round of nominations after the expulsion of Biglet Arrocet in the Gala issued Thursday, September 23. Miguel Frigenti, Lu

SECRET STORY: Miguel Frigenti, Luca Onestini and Sandra Pica, new nominees

Secret Story contestants faced a new round of nominations after the expulsion of Biglet Arrocet in the Gala issued Thursday, September 23. Miguel Frigenti, Luca Onestini and Sandra Pica were the most voted by his companions. One of them will become the third expelled of Telecinco 'Reality'.

The Collaborator of Sálvame obtained a total of 33 points, a figure much higher than those of the rest of the format participants. Behind him they were the brother of Gianmarco Onesini with 14 and the Exhibition of Tom Brusse with nine.

Cristina Porta achieved immunity after being chosen by the audience to face a dilemma. On the other hand, Frigenti attended a new surprise call in the house and obtained as a privilege to decide who could nominate in private.

Miguel Frigenti gave a point at Julen of the War, about which he said: "He has come to question all the time, he has gotten into an argument that he did not even go to him and does not contribute to me at home." He granted two points to Lucia relative, whom he cried out of "incoherent" to say that she does not insult and lack respect. The three points of him took Sandra Pica: "I made the ball the first week and after the first Tuesday, began to happen to me, I think it's a false."

José Antonio Canales Rivera distributed his points like this: one for Emmy Russ, two for Cynthia Martínez and three for Miguel Frigenti. The bullfighter stressed that the woman with whom he had kept an 'affaire' "has very good affinity with everyone."

Cynthia Martínez began giving a point to Luca Onestini for not having much dealing with him. The two points of her were for Rivera channels, despite her approach: "The relationship is better, but it brings me less than many of those who are in the house." She then added three points to Frigenti's score and explained that she does not like his attitude: "You have to play within what there is here."

Luis Rollán did not extend much when explaining his reasons to nominate. The collaborator of Viva Life indicated that he gave a point to Rivera channels "by Descute", two to Cynthia Martínez "without reason" and three A Frigenti.

Sofia Christ said he felt a lot had to give a point to Rivera channels: "I do not want to touch another people." She then added two to Luca Onestini for not chatting a lot with him and three to Frigenti, whom she criticized: "I do not plan to let me talk like that and take out dirty things out."

Sandra Pica granted a point to Emmy Russ, pointing out he did not know who to choose from, and two to Luca Onestini. The three points of him were for Miguel Frigenti, with whom she starred a strong confrontation: "Because I can not put the six ...".

Gemeliers wanted to take a touch of attention to Luca Onestini with a point. Emmy Russ received his two points and Frigenti his three. The singers did not even want to name the journalist. Dani affirmed that he was disgusting him by what he had made his brother.

FIAMA RODRÍGUEZ distributed his points between tears. One was for Cynthia Martínez, two for Luca Onestini and three for Miguel Frigenti. On the latter she highlighted: "It does nothing but generate bad roll and it is a till man to have it in the house."

Lucia relative voted with a point to Gemeliers, although he admitted that he did not want to give it to him. She then she added two to the slotter of Onestini and three to Frigenti. "It is absurd to say why," said Alba Carrillo's mother.

Cristina Porta gave a point to Cynthia Martínez, who accused of being a coward. Lucía relative was the one who took the two points of her: "My mother would never make her daughter what she is doing with me". Sandra Pica was his chosen for the three points: "I want her to be the person who faces Luca and Miguel. She does not contribute anything to me."

Luca Onestini nominated with a point to Sofia Christ, noting that there is no "roll" between them. Then he nominated with two Lucia relative "because at home there are no fights" and with three Sandra Pica for not having a relationship with her.

Emmy Russ explained that he was going to return a point to Julen. The German commented that she had chosen Rivera Canales to give him two points for Descarte. Finally, the three points of her were also for Frigenti.

Julen of the war commented by giving a point to Cynthia Martínez: "His heart says one thing and his head says another one." Luca Onestini took her two points for not saying anything about the nominations. Frigenti was the recipient of the three points of him: "Not anything worth".

Finally, Isabel Rábago granted a point to Rivera Canales, although he said he felt it in the soul. The two points of her were for Luca Onestini: "He is too absent." The journalist ended up adding three more points to the marker by Miguel Frigenti.

Updated Date: 24 September 2021, 05:29

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