Secret Story 2 | Virginia Quinta expelled, Carlos nominated for the first time and Carmen Lomana enters the house

After the tense gala that was lived on Sunday when Álvaro threatened to leave the program and complain that his companions made traps. Tonight the fifth expel

Secret Story 2 |
 Virginia Quinta expelled, Carlos nominated for the first time and Carmen Lomana enters the house

After the tense gala that was lived on Sunday when Álvaro threatened to leave the program and complain that his companions made traps. Tonight the fifth expelled from the second edition of Secret Story. The House of Secrets has been Virginia. Upon entering, she has failed him not to let himself be seen as she is and that she has not been able to forget that the cameras were there.

In addition, Carmen Lomana has come to be in Guadalix with the conconteers until Sunday. During these days she will give some classes of protocol and she is missing. She has been discovering the rooms and has not taken a pleasant surprise: closet closets, the kitchen without collecting and dirt. The role of it has been, also, to collect points. Despite the confusion of it has given the name of the four contestants with more points.

The normal thing because the nominations, one more week, have changed again. Undoubtedly, it will be the tonic of this second edition.

The contestants have had to be organized in pairs, chosen by the previous couple, except for Laila and Nissy with Carmen. Of course, it has been to those who have cost them the most in the case of the rest of the couples, there has always been one of the members that has been very generous. One of them nominated and the other gave him the vote to a family member or friend who was on the set.

Álvaro After letting Cora see his brother Jonathan has not been able to suppress tears. He was clear, but seeing the joy of his companion he has reminded his family. He has escaped him that he was not a good day. At that time Sandra has wanted to know her reasons for her and she has said that she has been at home and that today she had spent a weird day ...

This is how Secret Story is. The House of the Secrets, a place of screaming, crying, joys, disagreements and happy moments.

Surely, confrontations will not stop in the house, since some of the contestants with more character continue to be followed: Las Goldas, Alatzne, Lacquero and Carmen.

Although Carmen Lomana has not understood the dynamics of the nominees, these are the contestants that have had tonight in the nominations.

Quill nomina directly. And the points of him go to: Álvaro 1, Rafa 2, I still have a conversation with him. And finally 3 for Nissy, she is the only person who has taken me out of my boxes. He makes me unbearable coexistence.

Marta would like him to be his mother on the other side ... and there he is. The points of it are: 3 for alatzne, 2 for Carlos, 1 for Nissy. She is so happy that when she finishes she does not understand the points that her mother has given and she stays very discolved and she does not know if she has voted for what she really feels and sees in 24 hours or by strategy .

Greet the other expelled contestants. '' They have not seen 20% of the person I am. Each one goes at his own rhythm. I have not been able to forget the cameras. '' They get excited. There will be time to speak, Sandra Barneda explains.

Carlos 1 point for Nissy for what has happened between her this week, the coexistence is difficult, 2 points for Rafa because she is not a person with whom she takes me to houses, 3 Álvaro there is something that does not convince me.

Ana, friend of Adrián. 1 to Carmen because she has not acted well, 2 to Alatzne and 3 to Laila. At the end she says '' Trust, trust '' Adrián: '' What she says is fine ... ''

Álvaro Nomina. 1 point for Adrián, he has opened me, but I think it's just right. 2 points for Colcherboard and 3 to Carlos because I have seen positioning against Laila was a perverse way to see the game. It was a betrayal.

Jonathan, the brother of Cora, 1 point for Rafa, 2 points for Nissy and 3 points for Carmen

The next couple will be that formed by Adrián and Carlos.

Rafa leaves Alatzne that she nomines her family to see them

Rafa Nomina with 1 spot on a cushion, 2 for Adrián and 3 for Marta

Aurori, the relative of Alatzne nomina with 1 point to Rafa, 2 points for Carlos, has to be in the Palestra, 3 for Cora because I want them to leave nominees.

The next couple is that formed by Cora and Álvaro.

They have to choose, normal or delegate the right to a family member. It can not be lucky. There is only one minute.

Nissy and Laila noman. 1 point for cushion. 2 points for Cora and 3 for Alatzne.

Carmen's brother Nomina. 1 Stop Alatzne, 2 for Laila and 3 for Cora.

Choose the following couple: Rafa and Alatzne.

On a set do not see it clear. Kamal and Carmen's brother are ready to nominate, but only one of them will.

Carmen Lomana is going to be the notary to carry nominations' heads in his head and he will contact the list of nominees. If they do not agree on the dilemma, it will be Carmen Lomana who decides.

I have given him the congratulations. Carmen: '' What distances us is that we do not get along. And the plus is that when I am with Rafa she appears. ''

Laila: '' I do not see just that by a discussion I tache me. You can look at my good side ... ''

Carmen: '' It is a cluster of situations. '' Laila: '' She is jealous. She wants to stop him ... '' Carmen does not see him like this.


Family members are going to nominate on behalf of the contestants. By couples they will have to decide the family member who nominates. You can not get out of luck.

Marta does not stop crying. '' Making the suitcases ... I'm very crying ... I'm sorry to separate myself from Adrián and Capper. Adrián went to the first person who approaches me because we were the same earth. Nor do I want to separate me from Virginia ... ''

Sandra reminds them that both have felt something by Adrián and the video of the hugs and caresses with Virginia is shown.

The time comes when Marta, Virginia and Laila are dismissed from his companions. The first two are played not to be next to their 'worshiped' Adrián.

In the ejection room they will see images that are not expected.

Adrián: '' This of liking three or four people in the house makes me feel smaller. '' Ask them to save Virginia. Marta on her side does not want to go and she cries into the bucket. '' I think on Thursday and I'm very afraid ... ''

I want us to reach the two million votes.

Marta: '' I get it where I have to get. I have only had discussions with you and how we are up for everyone for everyone in the end we ended up arguing ... ''

Cora: '' When one gets in a matter that does not belong to him. This is a coexistence, not for everything it is to be discussed. Sometimes, you shut up and jump when she does not touch you ... I am referring to Nissy clearly, and Rafa you took her hair. You do things from behind. ''

Rafa: '' Here you remove the whole world food, the oranges is a nonsense. ''

Sandra asks Alatzne and Adrián if they are solidarity. '' When someone wins a challenge of the phone we always ask if we can share it with others, but we have entered the war of catching each other '' the eye for an eye of a lifetime. ''

Quill: '' Rafa When there are disputes take someone to the limit and when it comes to exploding is removed from the middle. ''

Rafa: '' I get into the trifulbas I want and I say what I want ... ''

For this, the protocol tests will have to pass.

The list of buying last week was very controversial. Nissyse unworthy because they have bought Sandia gum. '' I want to eat food. '' She goes to Sandra: '' If you put the microphone in my stomach it sounds ... '' "

Specific Marta that was said that each one could choose a whim.

In the shopping list there is no fruit. Sandra clarifies that the organization gives them an orange and a kiwi every day outside the budget.

After the Sandra dance announces the contestants who will be Carmen Lomana his guest at home until Sunday.

She feels betrayed and that nobody values her, neither in the house nor on the street, even her family. '' I give everything for everyone and then they abandon me ... ''

The tension between Nissy and David acquires very high decibels. Fliner goes to the bucket very nervous: '' I cry from impotence. '' Alatzne comforts him in the garden of the house. She begins to worry about her's mother.

Nissy: '' If I suffer, we all suffer. If my sister is going I'll call you false. ''

Nominate is a responsibility that I do not want to acquire. '' You are a Besqueda '' Sandra tells him from the set. '' I'm not wellchanted by all those who have gotten into the program live with great enthusiasm, I do not see myself with the ability to decide who has to go, for that we have the audience that is sovereign .. '' 'are heard applause.

Almost a million and a half of votes. The percentages are almost equal. The most voted is red.

But perhaps the next return again.

Sunday Lomana will make a protocol exam and take a succulent reward.

Nissy: '' Man does not feed on man. We have no food and instead of buying meat and vegetables we bought chocolate ... Do you think it's normal? '' Ask Álvaro.

He believes that red lines of shouts and bad behavior have been passed.

Nissy thinks they have voted Laila because they want her outside when she saw her as a strong competitor.

Capper and Adrián burst. They accuse Nissy to be responsible for the expulsion of her sister.

His first impression is that he is dirty and messy. '' Here there is a lot of curro. The table is full of flour. All without washing. You have to put them right! Uyy the fridge What a horror. It's very dirty!''

The dressing room and the cabinets are also very messy ...

Lidia: '' Rafa is heating all the time. '' Elena: '' Rafa is in microwave mode ... '' '

Carolina, however, believes that who has to be clarified is Carmen. Rafa's sister comes out in her defense: '' They are just friends. ''

Lozano protest and says: '' What your brother has not tired with Carmen? '' And Carmen's brother confirms Andrea's opinion of Rafa's sister.

Sitting are Mario Vaquerizo, Lidia Lozano, and the four exincursants: Brenda, Kenny, Albero and Elena.

Sandra appreciates voting: absolute record 1,380,000 votes.

The percentages are: 60.7%, 25.3%, 14.4% quite disparate.

If the expulsion depended on Carmen, it would leave Laila, most think believe that it is by jealous about Rafa, although, in the cube, he says he does not want to have anything with Rafa and vice versa.ç

Carmen: '' I hesitate of my feelings for Rafa. ''

Family leaders 42 days without seeing contestants. They are going to be in charge of nominating. '' You will not do it all, "Sandra points out. The contestants will decide. It will be from set.

He remembers Sandra before giving way to video.

Capper and Adrián face Nissy.

The coexistence is being very stressful. There are also problems between Carmen and Rafa. '' Well, that's silly, '' says Rafa

Today presents Sandra Barneda. The first thing she does is to receive Carmen Lomana with her acolytes, all ready to go to a carnival parade.

We remember the four secrets of the expelled

Héctor was unfaithful to his partner more than a hundred times

* The addiction to Brenda scouring

* Alberto was obese and did not leave home

* Elena scammed her friends with luxury brand clothes

In Secret Story, feelings are proficit. She Cora by Adrián, but she is not the only one. Marta is also attracted to the future teacher.

Today we will have the fifth expelled of Guadalix. Laila, Virginia or Marta. Who do you think should come out?

Carmen Lomana will be the guest of tonight who enters tonight in the house to improve the models of the contestants. She will take advantage of these days to give them protocol lessons.

Date Of Update: 24 February 2022, 22:15

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