The Frankfurt Republic square: large site between the railway station and the fair

A Central transport node of the main-metropolis Frankfurt, the place of the Republic, will be placed during the summer holidays largely paralyzed. Because the p

The Frankfurt Republic square: large site between the railway station and the fair

A Central transport node of the main-metropolis Frankfurt, the place of the Republic, will be placed during the summer holidays largely paralyzed. Because the public transport company Frankfurt (VGF) renewed tracks and track bed on the space, between the trade fair and the main railway station, five redirected there is usually traffic at the end of tram lines or be interrupted. In addition, the car traffic on the traffic routes, the Mainzer Landstrasse and the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage needs to be diverted during the construction works several times. In particular, the direct East-West connection through the Mainzer Landstrasse, one of the Old Opera house in the direction of the Galluswarte, will be interrupted between the beginning of July and mid-August for a longer period of time, it is said; but only in one direction.

Ralf Euler

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the Rhine-Main-part of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

Mechthild Harting

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Around two million euros in costs, the basic rehabilitation of six Soft, around 270 meters of Rail on the Republic square, according to the FGC. The construction work is scheduled for the beginning of the summer holidays on Monday, 6. July, recorded, and just in time for the start of School in mid-August to be completed. The FGC as a completion date 17. August, "about three o'clock in the morning" to. During these six weeks, the tram lines 11, 14, 16, 17, and 21 will be diverted or operate only on sections of the existing routes. As a replacement for the station "Republic square" will be created during construction, approximately 75 meters away in the Nidda river road was a stopping point. Motorists need to make after evaluation of Frankfurt's Traffic Minister Klaus Oesterling (SPD), in spite of holiday time in traffic jams taken. The FGC recommends that Local, to avoid the Republic square to the other side.

The tram lines on the track triangle the square of the Republic had been restored since the end of the seventies already, on several occasions, says Knut Müller, head of infrastructure at the FGC. After a good 40 years, there are now, however, a kind of "patchwork", and a General renovation was absolutely necessary. With regard to the individual transportation of the required Work in several phases would be done so that the car traffic will be placed at no time completely lame, announces Müller. In addition, it is not going to rehabilitate only the tracks and Turnouts, but also to the road surface and the pedestrian crossings to renew. "In the end we made a difference for all road users much."

a Steady increase in passengers

The renewal of tram lines in the square of the Republic is an essential part of the construction and renovation programme of the FGC in the second half of the year. Investing in the preservation and renewal of the infrastructure, tracks, switches and cabling, but also in improved fire protection and more comfort for the users of public transport. Thus, Station "höhenstraße to be fitted to the metro" in Bornheim new escalators. Alone in the construction of railway lines in Frankfurt, the transport company will invest in this year, about 15 million euros. In mid-October will also started extensive construction work on the tram depot Gutleut. Here, too, it was, like at the Republic square, a large construction site; however, one that will have no impact on the passengers.

The tram network today, the local public transport in Frankfurt is of great importance. Is not without reason that one speaks of a Renaissance of trams. The the passenger to make the past ten years figures. Frankfurt's head of the Traffic Department Oesterling speaks of a "gigantic increase" of 37 percent. Alone in the period from fall 2018 to fall 2019, the number of passengers increased in the trams by 15 percent. In comparison, the passenger to put numbers at the U-Bahn is only five percent, with the buses even only two percent. This is the result of the evaluation of the so-called continuous stops counting, the Frankfurt local transport company Traffiq, for subways, trams and buses in Frankfurt, is responsible. Overall, the number of driving has guests in the city's buses and trains, since 2010, to 35 percent.

With a view to these Figures, head of the Traffic Department Oesterling announced that the city of Frankfurt will hold on to their investments in public transport in spite of the Corona-crisis and the fact that buses and trains just in the evening "is still very empty by the area". So about 45 new street railway wagons had been ordered that would be delivered as a result of the pandemic, instead of November, until may 2021. Notwithstanding this, the city Council will soon present a new tram concept for Frankfurt. Soon after, three additional tram lines to the existing network.

Date Of Update: 25 June 2020, 06:21

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