The Monetary and Stylistic Bell of Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche (33) razed in the past year-end bells. Not only because for the first time antenna emission 3 exceeded that of TVE but also because every ye

The Monetary and Stylistic Bell of Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche (33) razed in the past year-end bells. Not only because for the first time antenna emission 3 exceeded that of TVE but also because every year the presence of it on the last night of the year generates more expectation. The throne of the bells already has new queen, with the permission of Anne Igartiburu. According to the data provided by the Audiovisual Consultant Barlovento Communication, Antena 3 achieved on the night of December 31, 7.5 million medium audience, 37.9% of screen fee, and 10.4 points are growing compared to 2020, A historic record for this chain. The 1 of TVE, with Anne Igartiburu and Jacob Petrus, lost leadership and became the second most viewed with 4.8 million and 23.9 by the way of screen fee, going down 9.1 points from last year.

Cristina Pedroche takes since New Year's Eve, creating expectations that revolve around a single element: the dress. And each year they are fulfilled and even exceed, since the most commented is the image of Pedroche. The taste of her for the transparencies, the risk in the styles and the audacity of it have been the arguments on which she has defended the bells of recent years. However, to receive 2022 she took a step further. With the help of Josie, Pedroche opted to dress a creation of Manuel Piña from the 1991 Spring / Summer Collection that was preserved at the Designer Museum in Manzanares (real city).

The collaborator of Zapeando wanted to transmit the concept of "reborn". Such was the impetus that when she detached from the pseudocasco that completed the styling of him, Pedroche appeared without hair. As if, in effect, he moved his skin. She revealed himself in Zapping that she kept her hair (given the obvious show that she was still wearing it) and that she had turned to a characterization trick. The set of all the elements reached a speech in which she claimed the importance of mental health, of "taking care and caring" and also highlighted the work of the sanitation during all the waves of the pandemic. She also wanted to wish a year full of health and love and emptiness of Lgtbifobia.

However, after the joy of the Sorpasso in the bells, came the rain of criticisms by the chosen model, by the Fake of the shaved hair ... some comments that caused the reaction of the aponche itself in its Instagram: "happy 2022 . I would not think of another way and another better means to open in channel and explain how I am feeling these days, although it does not seem like it is difficult days. And although I try to stay a little out of the margin and not read anything, there is always a Comments or gestures that come to me and make me feel bad. Bad not, very bad, "he began his exhibition. Cristina She also pointed out that she wanted to be a few days quiet and that, besides, she did not feel that some people were really happy about her success. "Congratulating me with the audience, it's not worth me, it's worth 31, I'll tell me: 'Olé You, Pedroche'," she argued.

The truth is that despite the criticisms that the presenter of the bells has been able to harvest, its success is undeniable. She and her husband, Dabiz Muñoz, are synonymous with a triumphant couple. He has been recognized as the best chef of the year in the last edition of The Best Chef Awards 2021. He also received the Innovation Award for his GOXO Delivery, award granted him. The rise in the menu of the restaurant of it divergent has not affected the level of reserves. Precisely Cristina is one of the assets that dabiz has for her kitchen marketing. This same year she has taken over Turrones, one of them flavored to "Pedroche Tart". A Win-Win. Meanwhile, these days were talked about the figure that Cristina could have been charged for presenting the bells. The Objective said it was around 60,000 euros. Will she repeat next year by the same cache despite the criticism?

Updated Date: 08 January 2022, 00:38

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