The Persian SHA party with quail eggs stuffed with truffles pearls

Before landing in Iran, Queen Ingrid of Denmark and her daughter Ana María de Greece were concerned about the jewels that would look at the plates of the 2,500

The Persian SHA party with quail eggs stuffed with truffles pearls

Before landing in Iran, Queen Ingrid of Denmark and her daughter Ana María de Greece were concerned about the jewels that would look at the plates of the 2,500 years of the Foundation of the Persian Empire by Ciro II the Great that would take place between the 12 and October 14, 1971. The wife of Constantine II of Greece decided on the quilation of the emeralds of the Romanov, but Miguel de Greece, cousin of the monarch, exclaimed that he chose what he chose, his stones would seem peanuts Comparing them with the Persian treasure.

And I was not badly aimed because at the official 14th of October 14 ago, Farah Diba looked at the Tiara Noor-Ul-Ain designed by Harry Winston with 324 yellow, white and pink diamonds cigaretted in platinum in whose center one of one of The world's largest pink diamonds of 60 carats.

Since his throne of massive gold and 27,000 precious stones, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the SHA of Persia, king of kings, light of the Aryans and shadow of the Almighty wanted to honor his ancestor Ciro II the Great. Although it is true that he modernized the country through the White Revolution, Western Education of Him, the obsession of him for publicizing a young dynasty such as the Pahlavi and the nationalization of oil seated the bases of a titanic omnipotence . The more than half of the population, poverty was lived under the threshold for the lack of water and infrastructure, the SHA decided to organize which the GUINNESS BOOK of records continues to catalog as the most expensive party in history. To current change, about 700 million euros.

"That cost him the throne," he assured Loc our collaborator Jaime Peñafiel, one of the few survivors of that odyssey "because never in history there has been something similar. And there will never be." Since his Parisian exile, Ayatolá Jomeini heated engines: "This is the party of the devil." In the book of Him the SHA or the exhibition of power, Kapuscinski makes it clear that oil profits went to the almighty coffers. Persepolis was a great desert and became Vergel. 15,000 trees and 50,000 singing birds brought from Europe were imported plus another 20,000 spanks in Spain. A few days later because it was not his habitat.

He paved a 1,000-kilometer highway from Tehran to Persepolis, Lanvin's Royal Guard designs, 250 Red Limousines Mercedes moved to the guests and a Palaciega citadel of 50 tents with 37 kilometers of natural silk was built. The Parisian firm Maison Jansen took care of all the decoration. On October 14, the great banquet was held in the main tent of 68 meters for 28 meters from which bohemian spiders fell, the tablecloth was from Porthault, the tableware of Limoges with the shield of the imperial painted family and the Baccarat glassware .

A meandering table of almost 80 meters chaired by the SHA of Persia and the Shabanu sat numerous coronated tesks and heads of state, among them, the then Prince Juan Carlos and Princess Sofia, Federico IX de Denmark, Olav V of Norway, Carlos Gustavo from Sweden, Balduino and Fabiola de Belgium, Rainiero de Monaco and Grace Kelly, Emperor of Ethiopian Haile Selassie I, Imelda Marcos, Mobutu and Ceaucescu dictators, the American vice president Spiro Agnew or Felipe de Edinburgh with his daughter Princess Ana. Facing the presidential table 42 oval tables were installed for 12 people. One of the most serious problems occurred when a storm of area decomposed the hairstyles and the tiaras of the guests.

The dinner served Maxim's from Paris. During those days they treated 18 tons of food. Before Pierre Cardin bought the restaurant, Louis Vaudable told the chef of him Michel Menant: "Are you going to make history". This coordinated the more than 160 chefs brought from Paris, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez supervised by Max Bloult, former manager of the George V of Paris. The menu was bound in Turquoise Raso Covers and Lapislazuli tissue with the emblem of the Imperial House in Gold.

In the printed text in Persian and French in black and golden about Vitela decorated with golden medallions and Arabesques you could read the following: Quail eggs with truffle pearls, river crab mousse, lamb loin stuffed and roasted on its juice, Sorbet of old champagne, peacock to the imperial, salad invented by Alejandro Dumas, Turban of figs with garrison of raspberries to Porto and Moka Café. To drink, 2,500 bottles of Champagne, 1,000 Burgundy, 1,000 wine from Bordeaux and other broths.

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