The explosive testicles of Nicolas Cage

«Like Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas / Come on my child to lose her head," said the song - and know, Amaral, 2002-, and as if he had reached his ears, the n

The explosive testicles of Nicolas Cage

«Like Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas / Come on my child to lose her head," said the song - and know, Amaral, 2002-, and as if he had reached his ears, the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, who practically He gave the alternative with the law of the street (1983), has been tucked up to the neck of Hollywood's maximum histor's role in the neck. It was because a matter of time that the path of Nicolas Cage, who changed the surname in honor of one of his favorite superheroes (Luke Cage), would cross with that of Sion Sono, the most crazy filmmaker in Japan, which is already saying, And that is exactly what happens in prisoners of Ghostland, which reaches cinemas on January 28, if no untimely changes are given.

Sono, which acquired international renown in 2001 with Suicide Club - with a bloody scene in which a hundred schoolgirls are thrown in unison with the subway track -, has perpetrated a post-apocalyptic fable with cowboys and samurais that rests on a Unbeatable premise: Cage is the herofed in a leather suit that leads built-in explosives where you just have the testicles hosted. If he does not save the girl in less than five days, the load will explode. The classic, but literal, testosterone explosion.

Maybe the visually entertaining and listed film may not live up to the circumstances, especially after a masterpiece of similar characteristics such as Mandy (Panos Cosmatoes, 2017), although the actor salted the experience finding in Set A The one who did not take long to become his fifth wife, Riko Shigata, just 38 years younger than him. They married in Las Vegas, of course, on February 28, in honor of the anniversary of the father of Cage, August Coppola, professor of literature died in 2009.

In June, Cage lost her mother, the dancer and choreographer Joyce Vogend, whose existence was marked by schizophrenia. In his delusions he said that Nic was the son of Robert Mitchum, which would be plausible but beyond cage is nailed to his father, including that hair that seems the greatest failure of a Turkish implant, which causes immediate adhesion in men and compassion women. Maybe the key to his success.

Capillary theories on the sidelines, Cage falls well for that infallible mixture between man of action willing to everything (the rock, with Air, Next ...), Exacerbated sensitivity crowned by the Oscar de Leaving Las Vegas (1995) and that hyper exported expressiveness For which he is compared to a living cart at least from Arizona Baby (1987), from the Coen brothers.

But the most important thing is that it has been able to survive the topics: If we get rid of repeating that Cage is a genre in itself, because it is played at The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, film more or less imminent in which Lidia With Mexican narcos.

Nicolas Cage will be a phenomenon, meme meat, collector of reptiles, sports, shooting marriages and scandals of all kinds -including the financial ones - but it is a great actor. He has just been acclaimed by his role in Pig, where he embodies a plot of truffle search engine in love with his sow, and has also shot the adaptation of Butcher's Crossing, the Western Nevado by John Williams, where on the contrary he will be a buffalo hunter. Among other projects underway, he is also planned to give life to Dracula himself. There is no doubt that this is going to be a good year for Nicolas Cage, for memes from him and for the grateful fans of him.

Date Of Update: 23 January 2022, 05:13

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