The girls 'Negacionists' of Cáceres return to school with masks

They did not reach the time of the official entry to the school (09.00 hours) and yes more than an hour later, perhaps to avoid media focus, but the case is tha

The girls 'Negacionists' of Cáceres return to school with masks

They did not reach the time of the official entry to the school (09.00 hours) and yes more than an hour later, perhaps to avoid media focus, but the case is that the two minor sisters, third and fifth of primary school, which They started the school year without masks in the classroom, which unleashed the controversy at school (with protests of teachers and students, which forced the Board to finally prohibit entry) have returned today to the classroom. And they have done it among heavy applause from his companions. Each one in her class next to her companions, now with the masks placed, developing the teaching day with normality "and joy" until the end of the classes.

This has explained it by the Secretary General of Education of the Junta de Extremadura, Francisco Javier Amaya, who has been satisfied because the situation has been discussed thanks to the "dialogue" and the "mediation" between the administration, the tutors of the minors and Parents during those last days, despite the fact that the General Administration had announced last week that had set the case in the hands of the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office for a possible case of school absenteeism. In any case, Amaya has specified that they will wait for the resolution of this judicial body to "know how to act" if there are similar cases in a future, where some right of minors are put into play, in this case the right to Health and education, "especially so that it will serve as an example, to stop considering how to act when the highest interest of the child does not prime."

The educational manager has highlighted "the hand stretched" of the school principal and "the good predisposition always to constant dialogue with the family when listening to what was the situation that was living." With regard to any responsibility of the parents, Francisco Javier Amaya has made it clear that the counseling gives "solved the conflict, because obviously there is an understanding of all parties and because normality has always been recovered since the application of the rules and of The protocols of the educational context ". Amaya has called for the collaboration of the media so that the CEIP Alba silver of Cáceres and the two affected girls "stop being the focus of attention" and the center can resume the school year with total normality.

The parents of the minors, 'Negentistas', had warned the Bilingual Center Ceip Alba Silver, in writing through a 'Burofax', one day before starting the school year, that your daughters were not going to wear a mask to school and the Two first days were allowed to share class with the rest of students, located on desks near the windows. When parents and teachers' complaints began due to the lack of security due to the pandemic, the Extremadura Board then ordered that they received classes in a separate classroom, separated from the rest of the students, and when the protests and the controversy have already multiplied, the Regional administration already prohibited them from accessing the center without the masks, then welcoming the regulations that obliges those over six years of age in educational centers if they do not have any medical prescription that indicates otherwise.

The Board offered them to teach them (tutoring and work-purpose) telematically, despite the fact that the center has no internet connection for a year and a half for some works at the educational center. The parents then decided - from last Thursday - that their daughters did not come to the educational center ... until today, four school days later. And this time, for the first time, they carried the mandatory masks, thus fulfilling the regulations and with the condition required by the Ministry of Education - their rectification - to be able to access the enclosure.

Amaya has informed that girls have been received between applause for their colleagues and has explicit that teachers have been in contact at all times during all these days that they have missed class after prohibiting the board of Extremadura. First, the Ministry of Education allowed its entry into the classrooms to prevail the right to education but before the protests of parents and teachers, including all the cloister of teachers, at the gates of the center, reversed and prohibited access to The classrooms to the two sisters if they did not wear the mask.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 20:47

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