The journalist Juan Pablo Colmenarejo dies, a radio information reference

Juanpa He was not one more. He had that something special about who outstanding, who, when he spoke, all silent. But not because he demanded it. No. He

The journalist Juan Pablo Colmenarejo dies, a radio information reference

Juanpa He was not one more. He had that something special about who outstanding, who, when he spoke, all silent. But not because he demanded it. No. He was always one more. He was a humble guy. Serene. Affectionate. Nearby ... but above all, communicator. Because Juan Pablo Colmenarejo has always known and in the sharpest way, transmit. He has been one of the great communicators of the twentieth and 21st century.

They tell me in the newspaper that he writes his obituary. I thought that in my newspaper they appreciated me. There is nothing harder than writing from someone you appreciate, admire, you want. How difficult. Because with Colmenarejo I have not only shared profession and life. I have shared those episodes of university adolescence that we all have in memory.

This order is from the toughest ...

Because with Juan Pablo I have shared a thousand and one at that young stage who branded life. And then we have crossed a thousand and one in our professional stage.

And we have disagreed in little, in very little. Because he can not be so 'Indian' like John Paul. I still remember one of the times I saw him, in his demolished field of Manzanares, and we still argue (always from love and respect) about Atléti and Madrid.

And it is that Colmenarejo and I met when even the razor had not become a daily object. That's why, I think we throw it both in the trash ... We were in Pamplona, in the Faculty of Journalism. He always bright, he a reference, he all friend.

And I had the fortune, along with Miguel, Jorge, Susana ... of the radio group. Who was going to say that that with which we shared everything was going to become one of our radio references.

Colmenarejo was a man of principles, both personally and professionally. Man of firm pillars, he maintained his more and the least of him with different companies, always trying to mark the independence of him and his way of understanding the profession, the great passion of him, journalism. Because John Paul was one of those crazy people who considered journalism as a trade, something more than a profession, something more than a schedule, something more than a salary ...

His last article in ABC, a cats pipe, his vision on the crisis of the PP. The end of him surprised him with another of the great passions of him, the university students, giving classes.

A battlinger, a fighter. He exceeded the unspeakable with a warrior spirit, typical of the Blanquerrojos Indians that he defends so much, to those who wanted to take him before time. And we share vital experiences that only he and I can understand them.

But before, we still talk, drink, we ate ... in that university essence, in that great capital Navarra, in that spirit of the Faustino that so many and so many have been witnesses.

And he grew up. In college, inside and outside, John Paul was a reference ... and he continued to grow. When some prioritize work, he pulled studies and became one of the great class. Not only by the notes, not only because of the academic. Juan Pablo was more, much more.

He graduated in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra in 1990. He made first radiophonic works at the Spanish Radiocaden Radio station of Spain in Pamplona. For seven years she worked on the COPE chain. She came to direct and present the medium informative between 1995 and 1998. And he dared with television. And she contributed her knowledge and her professionalism on Spanish television. There he was in charge of informative responsibilities.

In Radio Naconon of Spain also left its imprint. In 2002 he joined Onda Zero as responsible successively of the weekend's news, of the Night Program and noon news. In 2009 he returned to the Cope, in the night strip, where he became one of the radio references.

He also took the reins of the COPE Information Services Directorate. He was currently part of Onda Madrid, where he presented the morning program.

And his leaf of decorations runs small in a folio. From the 2004 gold antenna on radio to the program the zero wave compass, passing through the II Communication Award John Paul II 2009 of the White Chronic Foundation. He was a 2010 gold microphone at the radio section of the Spanish Federation of Radio Associations and Television. He also had the prize bravo! 2010 Radio of the Episcopal Commission of Social Media and the Víctor Award of La Serna, the most outstanding journalist of the year 2011, of the Association of the Press of Madrid.

Date Of Update: 23 February 2022, 16:43